Duet Bluetooth Tracker Keeps Track Of Your Android Device

Losing a smartphone can oftentimes be a disrupting experience. Aside from the monetary value of the device there’s also the concern that the data stored in the device might end up in the wrong hands. There are several ways to track down a lost smartphone such as Google’s Android Device Manager which lets you locate, ring, or wipe the data on the device. The problem with this however is that your device must have a data connection to work.

Innova Technology might just have the best solution for the lost smartphone problem with its Duet bluetooth tracker. What it does is that it automatically alerts you whenever your smartphone is outside of its ten meter radius. Of course you will have to make sure that the Bluetooth feature of your device is activated.

According to the company Duet is different from other bluetooth trackers in the market since it is much stronger, offers a more comprehensive loss prevention and recovery system and comes with various other features.

Duet is a tag that has a small profile measuring only 2.8cm x 2.8cm. It can be attached to a keychain, bag, your wallet, or even your pocket. It works with any Android or iOS device. Users simply have to pair their smartphone with Duet for it to work. This Bluetooth tracker can be used to find your smartphone and vice versa. Once your smartphone gets outside the 10 meter zone you will immediately be notified by the built-in alarm of Duet. If you have difficulty in finding your smartphone just simply press a button on Duet to make your phone ring.

According to Rick Tan, managing director for Innova Technology, “We use our phones to connect, build relationships, store memories, keep track of our schedules, and so much more. In talking with our customers, it became clear that people’s emotions upon discovering they have lost their smartphone are panic, followed by worry and frustration when it can’t be found. We created the Duet to address this — the best way to minimize panic and worry is to take preventive steps to not lose your phone in the first place.”

Right now the Duet is selling at an introductory price of $19 ($17 for the first 200 buyers) over at the company website. After the introductory period the device will have a price of $59.

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