Dropbox brings Mailbox app for Android

Mailbox Android

Popular iOS email client Mailbox will now make its way to Android via the Play Store. The app which was an exclusive to iOS since its launch is now expanding to other platforms thanks to Dropbox which acquired the app last year.

This is your standard run of the mill mail client really and is unlikely to replace Gmail for Android, but it’s certainly worth a try since good email apps aren’t exactly available in abundance. The app is yet to arrive in the Play Store since it has only been announced, but we expect to see it in the coming days.

Dropbox has also announced a desktop client for Mailbox, but in a closed Beta as some of the features of the service are non-functional at the moment. It’s good to see an app which was confined to one mobile platform now making its way to other rival platforms as well as desktops. While Mailbox will not convert loyal Gmail users, it will definitely serve as a decent alternative to Android users.

Update: The app has finally made its way to the Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

Via: Engadget

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