AT&T adds more data and mobile hotspot feature to its GoPhone plans

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In order to remain competitive in the industry, AT&T has updated its existing GoPhone plans by adding more data and the ability to use the smartphone as a WiFi hotspot. The $60 per month plan will now come with 2.5GB of data compared to the 2GB of data offered previously and also feature unlimited talk. The $45 per month plan comes with 500MB of data which is double the amount from what was offered previously. This plan comes with 500 voice minutes.

AT&T also has a $50 per month basic plan which comes with unlimited talk and text, but WiFi only data. The slightly cheaper $45/month basic plan is an exclusive through Wal-Mart stores and comes with 1GB of data and unlimited voice minutes. So it doesn’t look like all the plans have changed.

It’s good to see that AT&T is learning from other carriers and trying to remain competitive in the business. T-Mobile has severely undercut many carriers in terms of pricing which has made it the best customer friendly carrier in the U.S. Let’s see if these new changes from AT&T will have any bearing on the customers.

Via: Android Community

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