Apps Won’t Open in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window

galaxy note 2 multi window

One reader asked us, “Hi, I am having problem activating apps under my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window feature. Is there a way to fix it?”

How to Activate Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window

First, confirm if the feature is active in your phone, or try to toggle the function off and on to see whether the problem will be fixed. To do that, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Notification Panel.

2. Move your finger to the left direction while holding down the screen in the Quick Panel bar.

3. From there, tap Multi Window.

4. The Multi Window feature is now active in your Home screen, which can be accessed by dragging the hidden window with a “>” symbol.

5. Simply touch and drag the app that you wish to use under Multi Window.

Some Apps are Not Functioning Under the Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window

You might notice that some apps cannot be opened under the multi-window. That’s because there are third-party apps not supported by the feature.

The applications that are supported by the feature are Samsung’s native apps such as S-Note, Video Player, Messaging, Internet, Email, Gallery and ChatON. Then, the Google apps that are compatible with the feature are YouTube, Talk, Maps, Chrome and Gmail. On the other hand, the third-party apps that can function under the multi-window are Twitter, Facebook and Polaris.

There may be other apps not mentioned above that support the Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window, but so far, the apps listed above have been confirmed to work with it.

How to Get More Apps to Work in Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window

Try to update your phone to its latest OS version or install the updates rolled out by your carrier to get more apps to function in multi-window.

It should be noted though that there is another way to integrate other third-party apps not supported by the Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window. That involves rooting the phone and installing a mod that enables it.

After the rooting process, the mod can be acquired through XDA Developers from “goddamnit”, one of the site’s senior members. Remember to download the mod that corresponds to your unit’s model though.


It should be noted that rooting is a risky process, which may void your device’s warranty and brick it if not done properly. In addition, be reminded that the mod discussed here belongs to a third-party source, thus, we cannot guarantee its security and reliability. However, a number of Galaxy Note 2 users who used the mod claimed that it worked for them based on Android forums.

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Sources: Samsung, XDA Developers Blog, goddamnit’s Profile in XDA Developers

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