Apple’s sales team believed to be concerned about Android’s rapid growth

Android vs Apple

A new internal document from Apple’s sales department has now surfaced, showing signs of concerns from the Cupertino manufacturer. This document mentions that the massive growth of Android has potential to stall the sales of the iPhones in a bad way. This was a warning sign for Apple as people are increasingly looking towards Android as their primary choice for a mobile device.

The document read – “Competitors have drastically improved their hardware and in some cases their ecosystems.” The document further mentioned that competitors are “spending ‘obscene’ amounts of money on advertising and/or carrier channel to gain traction.” Most of these documents have surfaced as part of the ongoing patent trial between Samsung and Apple.

A recent leak revealed that in 2011, Steve Jobs had sent an email to over 100 of Apple’s top billing executives saying that they need to start a “holy war” with Google. This hasn’t quite materialized yet, but Apple might have different things to worry about.

Even though Android is growing rapidly right now, Apple’s profits have never dropped. But that could change in the coming days as more Android devices make their way to the shelves. Marketing is also one area where Apple feels threatened by the competition.

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