Android KitKat Coming to MediaTek Powered Devices This Month

Mobile devices using MediaTek processors usually give more bang for the buck since they cost cheap and offers good performance. The only issue so far is that devices using this processor are still using Android Jelly Bean instead of the latest Android KitKat. This is one of the reasons why most consumers prefer Qualcomm powered devices.

The reason why MediaTek devices are stuck with Jelly Bean is that the Taiwanese company has not released the source code for most of its latest chips. The source code is needed by device manufacturers and developers to upgrade the firmware, plug security issues, and to fix common bugs.

The company isn’t really holding the source code back and would gladly provide it to anyone who asks for it however it comes at a cost.  This however will increase the price of the smartphone running on MediaTek processors which kind of defeats the purpose of having a cheap device.

The latest report coming out of Taiwan right now is that the fabrication giant is finally listening to the request of consumers and will be releasing Android 4.4 KitKat for most of its chipsets. Devices that use the MT6589 and MT6582 processors as well as the octa-core MT6592 processor are among the first chips to get KitKat this month.

Of course it is still the device manufacturer who will push the KitKat update for their respective models. Benefiting from this the most will be the Chinese companies who have been cheaper devices running on MediaTek processors that are still stuck on Jelly Bean. With the update coming, a KitKat update will make these devices quite attractive.

MediaTek processors are being used in most of the low-end smartphones and tablets in the market today.

Some of the company’s popular chipsets are as follows

  • MT6592: Energy-efficient dual-core performance for entry-level smartphones with HSPA+
  • MT6573: Quad band HSPA platform with a feature-rich performance with powerful 3D graphics for entry-level smartphones
  • MT6575: Dual-SIM HSDPA platformwith powerful 3D graphics for mainstream smartphones
  • MT6577: Dual-core dual-SIM HSPA platform with powerful 3D graphics for mainstream smartphones
  • MT6589: Quad-core dual-SIM HSPA platform with rich multimedia features
  • MT6592: Octa-core HSPA+ platform with fully-scalable performance and excellent performance-per-Watt
  • MT6595: Octa-core LTE platform with the new ARM Cortex-17 processor
  • MT6732: 64-bit quad-core LTE platform with Ultra HD video support for the super-mid market

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