Yet Another Unstable Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi

Unstable Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi

A new problem connected to an unstable Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi was sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads:

“My phone keeps telling me that my Wi-Fi is unstable. I’ve called the customer service and they tell me it’s my service provider or router. So, I rebooted my router to no avail.

Everyone else is not having this problem they all have iPhone. Even my laptop and everyone else’s laptop work wonderful. I closed out all the apps I use when I’m done to see if that would help. But it does not solve anything.

I have 70 days left on this phone under warranty. Please help and if it is the phone please tell me what to tell them. I dropped it twice and had to pay to get replacement for the cracked screen. Since I’ve been using it, I’ve had it replaced 2 times because the sound would not work. I feel like buying a Samsung was a big mistake.

Also the whole time, I was reading about how to fix your Android after upgrade and it keeps on flashing ‘this page has become unresponsive.’  I don’t know why but I had to keep hitting ‘wait’ just so I could finish reading this. Again thank you for your time.—Sent from a Samsung Galaxy S3″

Possible Solutions to the Unstable Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi

Based on the message, we can eliminate ISP or router problem in the equation. Now, that leaves either a software problem or a hardware problem. Just to eliminate the possibility that it is a software issue causing the frequent freezing, try toggling your Wi-Fi switch off and on. If that fails, restart your phone under Safe Mode.

From there, observe if the problem persists. If it does not, then you are looking at a software issue. A quick way to fix this is by backing up your device and do a Factory Reset afterwards.

However, if the problem still occurs in Safe Mode, the possibility that it is already a hardware problem is very likely. It is possible that the impact of the fall when you dropped your phone probably loosened or messed up its hardware.

Before bringing your phone to a technician, check the screws of your device first by popping out its back casing. Next, remove its battery. Lastly, using a screwdriver, tighten up its screws.

Galaxy S3 GPS Problems
The screws that you need to tighten to solve the Galaxy S3 GPS problems are marked in red.

If the last solution still fails to fix the problem, better have your Galaxy S3 checked by the technician already. It is advisable that you should inquire if your warranty is still active to save yourself from expenses.

Dropping the phone might void or negatively affect its warranty. Still, we recommend being honest to your vendor when you are asked how the problem occurred, even if it affects your warranty. Withholding any crucial information that could save your phone is like keeping important information if you are being checked by your doctor. If you are determined to fix your phone, be sure to tell the repairman the crucial information that he needs in identifying the cause of the problem so he can arrive at an effective solution for it.

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