WhatsApp updated with privacy options to hide Last Seen status and profile picture

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WhatsApp may be the nicest and most popular messaging app around, but when it comes to privacy, it has been rather lacking. Anyone with your WhatsApp number stored in their contacts is able to see your profile picture, Last Seen time, and status, even if you don’t have their number and have no idea who they are. Well, thankfully, that lack of privacy is now a thing of the past, as the Android version of WhatsApp has been updated with new privacy options that let you hide the aforementioned details from unknown contacts.

The new privacy feature in WhatsApp isn’t new, but until now it was only available in the version of the app available from the WhatsApp update, which is often newer than the one available on the Play Store. However, starting today, that version is making its way to Google Play – heading into the Account » Privacy option in WhatsApp’s settings will allow you to choose who can see your Last Seen time, profile photo, and status, with the options ranging between Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody. These features have long been requested by users, and WhatsApp has implemented them all pretty nicely, though it would have been great if they were more customizable, like giving the option to hide your Last Seen status from particular contacts.

Well, what are you waiting for? Head to the Play Store and grab the latest version of WhatsApp to make your profile more private than was possible before, while continuing to hope that the Facebook acquisition of the popular messenger doesn’t result in users having to deal with ads somewhere down the road.

WhatsApp updated with privacy options to hide Last Seen status and profile picture

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