Volume Key is Not Working While Galaxy S4 Screen is Off

galaxy s4 volume key

Recently, we received an email from a Samsung Galaxy S4 user whose volume key is not working. The email reads, “Hi, I recently upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S4 to Android 4.4.2. During calls when the screen is off, the volume key does not work. Do you have any idea what wrong? Thank you.”

Possible Causes of the Problem

According to various forums and articles online many Android users have been experiencing similar problems when they upgraded to 4.4.2. It looks like it is not only an issue with Samsung devices as HTC One, and Nexus 4, 5 and 7 have also been complaining the same trouble.

How to Fix the Volume Key Problem in Galaxy S4

If update is the one to blame, call your carrier about it, so they can come up with another update that contains a fix. After that, simply install the fix if it rolls out. Another alternative would be to root your device and install an custom firmware. Just make sure that it corresponds to the brand and model of your device.

A recommended tool for rooting is Odin. Ensure that you have the latest version running. Then, one good source of firmware for your device is from SamMobile.

Be reminded though that rooting, especially if not done properly, has the tendency to cause more problems to your device. The damage can go as far as bricking it or rendering it completely nonfunctional. So, do your research first about the process before going through it or seek help from someone familiar with it.

Check out our earlier articles about rooting and flashing to know more about the steps needed to perform it before you proceed. Simply use our search bar located above to look for the relevant articles about rooting and installing a custom ROM.

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Source: Android Central

9 Replies to “Volume Key is Not Working While Galaxy S4 Screen is Off”

  1. Personally I would give the device back and ask for a new one. What are warranty for! 😛

  2. Sounds like a default to me too. I wonder why it was not caught quicker. From what I have read most places go through a long time when they are testing out new products before they release it.

  3. Oh no! That must have stunk. I have been in meetings with other people when their phones did this. They were told to not bring their phones to meetings again. Sometimes I swear these smartphones have a mind of their own.

  4. I think anything is possible but that could be it. I had an issue the other day where out of no where an alarm went off on my phone, in the middle of a work meeting. I could not fumble with the phone quick enough to turn it off.

  5. Would this be a software issue? It sounds more like a hardware issue, like a button is shorted out or something…

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