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Verizon branded 2014 HTC One spotted in retail packaging

New HTC One

The All New HTC One is another couple of weeks away from launch, but the smartphone has already leaked so many times that even an announcement would be underwhelming at this point. This latest leak however takes it to a whole new level, revealing the smartphone in a box packaging even before the device is even launched. The device shown here is the Verizon variant as you can probably see from the logos above, so it’s clear that Big Red will launch the smartphone immediately after the announcement.

The smartphone sold here was the 32GB variant and went for a cool $499 on eBay, which is an acceptable amount for a smartphone which is yet to be launched. The listing has now ended as the source link indicates, so it seems like the seller only had one device to sell.

The listing just calls this the HTC One and there’s no mention of the ‘All New HTC One’ moniker anywhere, so it is possible that the smartphone could be called the 2014 HTC One.

All New HTC One - Back

Source: eBay (taken down)

Via: Talk Android

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