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The New HTC One Will Be Launching Exclusively On Verizon on March 25th

Verizon HTC One

Well this sucks. In a lot of ways. Not only is the new Gold HTC One going to be a Best Buy exclusive, only Verizon will be carrying it on March 25th. This means that customers of AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile who want the device mere hours after it’s introduced will have to wait a few weeks.

Yes you read that right, a few weeks. HTC Source’s source says that Verizon will exclusively sell the new HTC One “exclusively for a couple of weeks”. That potentially puts the new HTC One right up against the Galaxy S5’s release date. If HTC wants to sell a lot of these, they’d better hope that the window ends quickly.

That said, the new HTC One looks very good from all the leaks. The pricing was unable to be confirmed, but since the off-contract price is $600, we can presume that it will cost $199 on a new two year contract. When the other carriers do get the new HTC One finally, customers will hopefully line up to buy it.

Source: HTC Source

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