The HTC One M8 does a factory reset if the password is entered wrong 10 times

HTC One M8 Security

According to a new revelation, the new HTC One M8 reportedly has a security feature in place which will perform a factory data reset of the device if a user gets the password or unlock pattern wrong more than ten times. This feature will be beneficial in cases of theft, but could lead to potential abuse as well.

In many cases we see kids or friends handling phones and trying to crack the password too many times. Should such an incident happen with the HTC One M8, all user data including applications, images, music will be completely wiped and the users will have to start anew with their smartphone.

As of now, there’s no known way to disable this feature, which is particularly fearsome for users of the smartphone. We hope HTC is listening to these reports and decides to bring a fix soon.

Seems like HTC got this feature completely wrong. What’s your take on this new revelation?

Source: Phandroid

3 Replies to “The HTC One M8 does a factory reset if the password is entered wrong 10 times”

  1. I don’t like this feature. I’m sure a lot of people will ask HTC to remove it. This is enough for me not to buy this phone is this remains unresolved.
    It’s a potential problem than a solution.

  2. Definitely not a wise security feature. This means that adults cannot allow their kids to handle it for fear of losing all their data and all.
    Yeah, Hopefully HTC will simply remove it.

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