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Software features of the All New HTC One shown off in a video

All New HTC One

A new video has now revealed the gesture controls of the All New HTC One. The smartphone is set for an unveiling later next week in New York City, so this leak has come at the right now. Bear in mind that this is not the All New HTC One that is being shown off, but the ROM of the smartphone running on the original HTC One.

The video reveals wide support for the new onscreen navigation keys, with apps making full use of it, much like stock Android devices. The app drawer appears to have gone through considerable change as well with a new vertical layout rather than the horizontal navigation of apps.

One of the key features shown off in the video is the Motion Launch Gestures. This will allow users to wake up the device or set several user determined actions for a gesture such as double tap, swipe left, right, up or down. This is more in line with LG’s KnockOn feature which was shown off in the LG G2 last year and was upgraded with Knock Code on the G Pro 2.

Users of older HTC devices can expect to get this ROM in the form of an update in the coming days, which is very good news.

Source: YouTube

Via: Cult of Android

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