Samsung inadvertently confirms the existence of the Galaxy Tab 4 series

Galaxy Tab 4

The existence of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 was revealed last month by a comprehensive leak. However, Samsung is yet to make the tablet official. But according to a new revelation, the day might not be far away. Samsung has posted an image showing the compatibility list of the Gear Fit smartwatch where there is a clear mention of the Galaxy Tab 4. The teaser also gives away the fact that the tablet will arrive in 7, 8 and 10.1 inch variants. With the Galaxy TabPRO and the NotePRO tablets launched already, we will now have three more tablets to look forward to. However, these tablets will target the midrange segment and could most likely be priced below $500.

The compatibility list shown above reveals a wide range of Samsung products from the last two years, which is very good news. The Samsung Gear Fit should be available in April when the Galaxy S5 breaks cover around the world. The Korean manufacturer is yet to give away details on the pricing of the smartwatch.

Source: Planet Galaxy

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4 Replies to “Samsung inadvertently confirms the existence of the Galaxy Tab 4 series”

  1. If you want a good tablet, my personal opinion is to stay away from Samsung. Their phones are pretty sweet, but their tablets are lackluster. I’d suggest the Nexus 7 or one of Sony’s newer tablets!

  2. Sounds great, though I hope the specs are good. The last revision was barely a step above the specs on the Tab 2. Please don’t disappoint us this time, Samsung.

  3. Why don’t you have a look at the Nexus 7 tablet? if you ask me, its one of the best 7 inch tablets in the market today. Its got stock Android with absolutely no manufacturer or carrier bloatware. Its among the very few devices that get updates very quickly. And there are much more features and advantages to the Nexux 7.

  4. Are there any leaks about the specs of the tablet? I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 from a couple of years. And I think its time to upgrade. Do you suggest that I should go for the Tab 3 or wait a few more months till the Tab 4 is in the market? Or do you suggest any other tablet?

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