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Samsung Galaxy S5 revealed to feature a baby monitor

Galaxy S5 Baby Monitor

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is known to pack quite a few features, but it seems like there’s a lot that we do not know yet. One such feature is the built-in baby monitor, which is now revealed to be present on the handset.

This will provide parents the ability to keep a watchful eye on their baby and monitor every move accordingly. A screenshot from the app however makes it very clear that this cannot be used as a standalone baby monitor, essentially ridding Samsung of any responsibility from potential mishaps. But it’s good that such a feature is in place.

Whenever the baby starts crying, the Galaxy S5 will notify the user’s Gear smartwatch, so it’s imperative that you own Samsung’s wearable device for this feature to work. But as with any feature on a Galaxy device, Samsung offers deep levels of customization, so users can make changes and adjustments accordingly.

Samsung has reportedly mentioned and explained the functioning of this feature in the smartphone’s user manual, so users can check that out for any disclaimers and security measures to be taken when the handset hits global markets on the 11th of April.

Source: Soya Cincau

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