Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime: is it still on, when is it coming, and do we still want it?

No reason to beat it around the bush any longer, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is not what everyone expected it to be. It’s not the monumental flop haters are relentlessly trying to make it look like, but it’s clearly a lemon, barely edging out the six-month-old LG G2 in a head-to-head comparison and bowing down to Sony’s Xperia Z2 in their spec duel.


Yet maybe, just maybe, Sammy deliberately surrendered its upper hand against still low-profile rivals LG and Sony to ultimately catch the bigger fish. Yes, tipsters and self-proclaimed “insiders” dropped the ball when predicting two GS5 variants, a Standard and Prime, would see daylight at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress.

But could they all have been so wrong as to essentially fabricate a non-existent device? Are we dealing with the mobile industry’s biggest hoax in history? I don’t buy that. Not for a second. Here’s why I think the Galaxy S5 Prime (aka Galaxy F) is very much real and on its way, and here’s why you should continue to care:

The rumor factor

Okay, so many tech-related rumors flying around the interwebs this time and age are, pardon my French, hogwash. Basically, either someone assumes something, extrapolates and people pursue the speculations as “word from the inside” without checking their sources, or attention whores decide to go after their 15 minutes of fame with total disregard to facts or the truth.


Take this cesspool of 21st century journalism blogging too seriously, and you risk ending up in a mental institution. Take a step back, and carefully choose what kind of “sources” to trust, and you’re onto something.

For instance, I tend to put my faith in Russian journo Eldar Murtazin, Korean online publication ET News and Sam Mobile. All three have suggested an ultra-high-end S5 version is indeed in the works, and I highly doubt they were all treated to false intel.

Galaxy S5 announcement

Furthermore, not only did Murtazin and ET News hint at a Galaxy S5 Prime prior to the MWC intro of the standard S5, they also renewed their “beliefs” after the latest Unpacked event wrapped up. Surely they’d be reluctant to go any further if they had the tiniest shred of doubt as to the veracity of their claims, right?

The Apple factor

Look, I like Sony, LG and HTC as much as the next tech-savvy guy, and I appreciate especially the recent strides made by the first two. But right now, Samsung has bigger fish to fry. Namely, Apple. Cupertino is allegedly planning a major overhaul of the iPhone line, with an emphasis on size for a change. Also, diversity.

Sounds crazy, I know, yet there’s a solid chance we may see two, three or even four new iPhones rolled out in 2014. Starting, you guessed it, as early as June. Which brings us to Samsung. Timing is everything in the mobile landscape nowadays, and putting all 2014 Galaxy S cards on the table in February would have simply been too risky.


Instead, doesn’t it make a lot more sense to unveil a slightly disappointing but still solid high-ender to fend off the minor Sony, LG and HTC threat at first, and then come out guns blazing in May with a full-metal, cutting-edge S5 Prime/iPhone 6 “killer”?

The manufacturing factor

Regardless of how appropriate a Galaxy F launch close to iPhone 6’s intro sounds like, we all secretly hope Samsung’s first ever aluminum-clad top dog will land early. As in… next month, maybe? But here’s another reason why that’s not possible. Building enough metal frames to satisfy the regular demand for Galaxy S handhelds takes time. A lot of it.

Galaxy S5 promo

Hence, the Korean OEM wants to stall for as long as possible before actually shipping these first S5 Prime units. Not only to make sure there won’t be huge delays once they get the ball rolling, but also to provide a window for the existent S5 to sell. After all, they don’t want that to be a massive box-office flop either, plus if, say, 10 million people purchase it, that’s 10 million less potential orders for the Galaxy F.

The wow factor

Question: should you still be interested in Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Prime if it hits store shelves in May, June or, God forbid, July? Short answer: yes. Long answer: hells yeah. Provided, of course, the big guy will be as spectacular as reports suggest.


Just picture it. A sexy, robust and durable metal chassis, Quad HD display (overkill, I know, but 2,560 x 1,440 pixels!!!), 3 or maybe 4 GB RAM, probably a larger footprint (5.5 inches is my guess), definitely an optical image stabilization-packed rear camera, water and dust protection, fingerprint recognition, built-in hear rate monitor, and beefy 3,500 mAh or so battery.

Meanwhile, a truly upgraded quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor should make the entire ensemble blazing fast in everything from gaming to browsing to 4K video capturing to 2K video playing. Or, who knows, a 64-bit “true” octa-core Exynos chip. It’s high time Exynos processors lived to their potential, eh?

Galaxy S5 in hand

All said, does the Galaxy S5 Prime sound as dreamy to you as it does to me? On that note, could it be that we want it so badly it’s clouding our judgment and we’ve started seeing things? One last question: would you buy it if Samsung priced it at $1,000? We’re all ears.

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  1. yes but i believe the prime will be on the note 4s revealing too ,samsung never had a standard sized phone to compete directly to apples phone ,the note is phablet market ,so perhaps samsung wants to push the best of the best they can make in a 5 inch display to reduce apple sales

  2. they have to do it quickly because a lot of s4 owners and android lovers will turn to something like htc m8 after the release of the s5 with so bad improvements.

  3. I think the Prime version is coming. Remember the title of the GS5 unpacked event was “Episode 1”. That means, the Episode “2” is coming and it could unveil the GS5 Prime.

  4. honestly id get the normal S5 with my moms upgrade and then get the premium with my upgrade in august this is bs why wouldnt you just release them both at once it honestly annoys me they have until april to release a prime model

  5. That’s a lot of information, meaningful and sensible information. A very good job by the author. And I totally agree with you. I have started to strongly believe that the company is working on a premium version of the S5 (not that this isn’t premium), and probably will be releasing it later this year along with the Note 4.

  6. The company better be working on a better version of the S5, because this one has no chances of holding off a competition with the iPhone 5S, and even the LG G3 (I’m pretty sure its going to be awesome), and “The All New HTC One”.

  7. To be honest, I wouldn’t hold off getting a new smartphone for this. Actual solid details on this guy are pretty elusive. I’d wait for some more solid evidence.

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