Samsung Galaxy S4: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Workarounds [Part 6]

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Galaxy S4 won’t charge, won’t turn on

Problem 1: Hi there! A couple of weeks ago my phone completely stopped working. I was literally in the middle of using it and it shut off. I got the pop up notification saying that I only had 15% battery left moments before it happened, so thinking it just died, I plugged it in. Instead of it charging, I get the battery icon on screen with the round waiting signal, but it never charges. It will do that for a few minutes, vibrate and do it all over again. It will not turn on, I have tried a new battery, checked for water damage (although it has never been wet) and replaced the entire port piece. Still the same thing. I have an anti-virus installed that is scheduled to run daily, so I’m not sure that that’s the problem. Our phones had also previously been shut off and had only been reactivated for maybe an hour prior to this happening. I can’t afford a new phone nor can I afford an early termination fee for my service. Please help if you can. I would love to just fix my phone. Thank you!!!Marti

Problem 2: I have a Galaxy S4 that will not start up. It keeps flashing a large battery icon on the screen. When the battery icon displays it stays visible for about 25 seconds, then the phone vibrates, screen goes black and it repeats. I tried replacing the battery and the charger port on the phone, but it did not fix the problem. Any suggestions on where to go from here? I attached a picture of what the icon looks like. Any help you could offer would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer: Have you tried using a different charger? I understand you tried using a new battery but may be the problem wasn’t the battery but the charger? If you don’t have a different charger, try plugging in the phone to your computer, turn it on and see if your computer can detect it and if the phone attempts to charge. If the phone still displays a battery icon with a circle in the middle, there is a chance the cord has issues. The icon actually tells us that the phone detects it’s being plugged in to “something” but current is just not flowing. That’s one of the reasons why it wouldn’t charge.

Again, if you buy or borrow a different charger, you will be able to isolate the problem. Solve the charging problem first and you will be able to turn your phone back on. Try that first and let us know what happens. Here are some posts from our archives that may be able to help you further:

Galaxy S4 camera flash not working

Problem: Hi Droid Guy. This is related to Samsung Galaxy S4 problem. I own an S4 for the past 4 months but recently I found hat camera flash is not working (tried even turning on the flash from assistive light)., but when I restart the phone it functions normally. It is so annoying, flash would not turn on when necessary need to restart the phone (observed for nearly 5 times in past two weeks). Please help me out on this. Is this a hardware related issue or a software one?Roop

Answer: There are a lot of reasons why the camera flash on the Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t work but based on your statement, I have a suspicion that it is a Camera app issue more than anything else. I understand that the frequency of this problem is not as high as I expected.

I have already written an article about this issue so I will just provide you the link to that article. As to your question whether it is a software or hardware issue, well, we really cannot know for sure as early as now considering the problem occurs “occasionally.” I’m sorry but 5 instances in two weeks, I can consider that “occasional.”

Here is the link to the article I was talking about: Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Flash Not Working [How To Fix].

Galaxy S4 keeps crashing, shutting down

Problem: Hi I was wondering if you could help me. My Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps crashing and powering off it will only restart when I plug it into charge even though it has over 50% of battery. I have cleared cache and removed as many apps as I can there is ample storage space available. It seems to mainly crash when using Facebook or the picture gallery which are the 2 biggest apps. I am currently 8 months pregnant and need a phone that will remain turned on without requiring charging, wherever I am. Any ideas of how I can fix this? Thanks.Laura

Answer: If you think Facebook app and Gallery cause this issue, these are the apps that you want the cache and data cleared. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling FB app first then reinstall it. This will make sure you get the latest version. Once reinstalled, use the app extensively while observing your phone closely to see if it reboots or crashes at certain point.

Unless you’re using a third-party gallery app, I wouldn’t advise you to uninstall it since it’s part of the core applications instead, perform a factory reset. I understand you already uninstalled a lot of apps but the hard reset will make sure everything works according to plan. Congratulations on your baby, Laura.

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Google maps voice sounds robotic

Problem: Hello, I am writing you in hopes of an answer. I have a Note 3 running the latest AT&T 4.3 update and have a serious problem I can’t seem to find an answer to. I switch from the s4 and the first thing I found was in Google maps the horrible robotic voice the note uses. I have searched the internet and used all the tips I could find. I updated the same sung voice to be high def, I downloaded Google voice and updated the voice from that and made it default and rebooted my phone countless times. And still all I get is that horrible robotic voice. Please help. Frustrated in Lewisville Texas. Thanks for any help you can give.Carl

Answer: I personally like Samsung voices over Google voices. But yes, this problem is considerably common to people who often use Google Maps or navigation. If you currently are using the default Samsung engine, try switching to Google engine for English (either U.S. or U.K.). You can do this by following these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings and then My Device.
  3. Tap Accessibility.
  4. Under the Vision section, find Text-to-speech option and set it to whatever you want.
  5. Go back to Settings, then More tab.
  6. Tap Application Manager and swipe to All tab.
  7. Find Maps and tap on it.
  8. Tap Force Close button.
  9. Launch Maps from the app drawer and you now have a different, non-robotic and much better voice.

Mobile data switches on automatically

Problem: Hi. My mobile data is automatically  switching its self on every time. I have to keep the Wi-Fi connection on even when I’m not connected to a network. None of my applications have permission to do so. Is there a way I can fix this? Thx for any help. — Mireille

Answer: A third-party application may be causing this problem. This is not a common issue but there were some who have encountered it. Every single one of those cases points out to third-party apps as the cause. One of the most common application pointed out was WhatsApp. I don’t know when this problem started on your device but if it manifested after you’ve installed a certain app, you should consider uninstalling it.

Text messaging fails randomly

Problem: Hello. I have a problem when trying to send text messages sometimes on my Samsung Galaxy S4. What happens is after I press the send button the texts never delivers. What I have to do is go into settings then application manager and clearing cache and data (of messaging app) then restarting my phone. It doesn’t happen all of the time but I normally have to do this process at least 2-3 times throughout the day. Is there a better solution? I do have a third party texting app called Go SMS pro that I use. However it happens in the stock messenger also.Sherri

Answer: It’s more of a network problem. If I were you, I would call my service provider and ask for the APN settings. Once I got that, I will make sure my phone gets the correct APN settings. The thing is, even the dumbest phone on earth can send text messages as long as it’s getting good coverage and that the network doesn’t have problems. If it were a phone issue, you shouldn’t be able to send text messages at all.

GS4 stuck on custom boot animation

Problem: I have recently rooted my phone and I have used one mod called cyanogen then I decided to get a different mod called AOKP and I use rom manager and after I downloaded the rom installer did a reboot but rom manager always ask to install files so I thought I needed to find the file and install and I did install through rom manager then started reboot and now my s4 is stuck on the AOKP mod custom boot animation. I can’t get off of it. It’s just stuck in the animation. Is it just loading the mod or… because its taking an awfully long time.

Answer: I am a fan of CynanogenMod ROMs and I have tried flashing AOKP custom firmware on my phones as well. After the flashing, if I encountered boot loops or having stuck in boot animation, there are only three things I can do to remedy the issue before I come up with a conclusion that the ROM is unusable on my phone:

  • Clear Cache Partition.
  • Clear Dalvik Cache.
  • Factory Reset via Recovery Mode.

Try doing each one of them and check if you can boot normally after doing each procedure. Otherwise, find a working ROM.

Stuck in Samsung logo screen after update

Problem: Good Day. I just now upgraded my I9500 (Indian model) to 4.4.2. After updating I could not go to the Home screen. Other functions were working so I restarted my cell phone but now it’s not restarting. It’s stuck on the Samsung logo screen. Please help. Earlier I was using Next Launcher as my Home screen app.

Answer: Since you explicitly said this issue happened after you updated your phone to Android 4.4.2 KitKat, I think some obsolete data are causing the problem, although there’s also a possibility that a third-party app is messing up with your phone. Here is a list of things you must do:

  1. Make sure your phone has enough battery to power it up.
  2. Boot to Safe Mode just to confirm your phone can boot with default apps and services running.
  3. Uninstall suspected third-party app while in Safe Mode.
  4. Boot normally after uninstalling the app(s).
  5. If the problem persists, boot to recovery mode and wipe cache partition.
  6. Boot normally again to see if you can get past the Samsung logo.
  7. If not, there’s no other option but to do a factory reset.

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BT can’t stay connected with Subaru Imprezza

Problem: Hello, have you heard any updates about connecting the Galaxy S4 Bluetooth to Subaru Imprezza system? The phone connects and  confirms that data is transferred, but it immediately disconnects and says the phonebook is empty. When I first got the phone, it worked beautifully–was even reading messages to me! But all that has stopped. I did follow recent tips on your site, but still no success. Samsung says it is the car: Subaru says it is the phone. Can you help? Thanks.Bernadette

Answer: You could never expect both companies to take the blame. That said, we cannot expect both of them to look into the matter and help resolve the issue. If this were my phone having problems connecting via Bluetooth to my car, here’s what I’m going to do:

  1. Find if there are available firmware updates for both my car system and my phone’s.
  2. After phone update and this problem still happens, I would boot to recovery and wipe cache partition and do a factory reset. This will bring the S4’s settings back to default, or the state when it was working flawlessly.
  3. If the problem still persists, it is clearer now that it’s a compatibility issue. But in a bid to remedy it, I would download and install A2DP Volume app from the Play Store. Both “Start at Boot?” and “Respond to Car Mode?” options must be checked and rest unchecked.

Samsung S4 Alarm, Battery and Messaging Issues After Upgrade

Problem: Hi. I have experienced problems with the alarm feature since the update. If I set an alarm at let’s say 11:30 p.m. for 6:30 a.m. there is a 50/50 chance the alarm will work and make the designated sound. After the alarm has “failed”, if I turn the phone off and set an alarm for 30 minutes in the future, the alarm feature works fine. The issue is the inconsistency and now I cannot depend on the alarm which is frustrating.

Periodically having issues with the messaging screen freezing as well. I started using Hangouts and believe that I turned of the other messaging software. However, about 10% to 20% of the texts show up in Hangouts’ and the old message system which is redundant and irritating.

Finally, I noticed a significant battery drain most nights that did not occur before the update. Sometimes I will lose over 50% of my power which did not use to happen at night.

Any guidance you can provided is appreciated.



Answer: All of these problems were triggered by the new firmware version. It is, therefore, clear that both the alarm and messaging problems were caused by compatibility issues. Try clearing both cache and data for Clock and Message apps and see if that resolves the problem.

As to the battery issue, try bringing up the battery usage statistics and find the one that’s eating too much power. Once found, force close the app or service then reboot your phone. Try turning the power saving mode on also while lowering down the level of screen brightness. If all of these fail, you have to no other option but to do a factory reset. But before that, you need to backup your important data and wipe cache partition via the Recovery Mode first.

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