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Galaxy S4

Recently, we received a message via The Droid Guy Mailbag about a Samsung Galaxy S4 user who is having a problem when dialing contacts in order to place a call. According to him, his dialer is very sluggish. He explained that it would take around 10 to 20 seconds before the call is placed after he dials a number or selects a contact, and then, he presses the green phone icon.

How to Fix a Galaxy S4 that is Slow in Dialing

The most probable cause of the problem is that there might be too many apps running in your background which are taking up much of your systems processing power. So, minimize the apps running in your background by closing the ones that you are not using.

Another way to address this problem is by freeing up your internal memory. Uninstall the apps that you are no longer using and move some of your contents to your external SD card to provide the processor of your phone some breathing room. You can also clear up the cache and data of all your apps from the Storage menu to erase all temporary files that are eating up memory or causing the bugs.

If the prior solutions fail to solve the issue, try to start your unit under Safe Mode. Then, place a call under that mode to test whether there are third-party apps causing the lag. When your device still shows sluggish performance even in Safe Mode, it could already be a hardware problem. But if Safe Mode eliminates the problem, it is probable that a third-party app or a group of third-party apps are triggering the lag. It could be cause by corrupted system files as well.

Do your best to locate apps that are suspicious in nature or those that show weird behavior. Erase or disable them if they can’t be uninstalled. However, if you are having trouble locating them or you are sure that there are corrupted system files within the device causing all the hassle, the easiest way to solve the problem is by wiping the Dalvik cache or by performing a Factory Reset. Be sure to backup all your data prior to these though.

A Common Problem in Galaxy S4 Units

Some guys in XDA Developers forum claim that it is already normal with Samsung phones. They blame the firmware for the slow performance when dialing. Based on their opinions, the issue could only be solved by a software update that contains a fix. Others argue that it is already a hardware limitation, thus, they say that there is actually no solution for it.

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