Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip to Mute Incoming Call Feature Missing

Galaxy S4 flip to mute missing

One reader sent us this message about a problem that he is experiencing in his Samsung Galaxy S4’s flip to mute feature, “After I updated my Galaxy S4 smartphone to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the flip to mute feature that I am using to put the ringtone into silent when there’s an incoming call seems to have disappeared. How do I get it back?”

#1 Solution—Check if the Turn Over Feature is Activate

Before ruling out if there are other factors causing the problem, check first if the feature has been simply disabled.

1. Access the Menu.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Select the My Device tab.

4. Scroll down until you reach the Input and Control section. From there, choose Motions and Gestures.

5. Tap the Motion option.

6. At the bottom part, you will see the Turn Over portion with a switch on the Mute/Pause option.

7. Slide the switch to the right or until it shows a green rectangle with the On label to enable the muting feature when there is an incoming call.

Note that if the feature has already been switched on, try toggling it to Off and then On again to solve the glitch.

#2 Solution—Clear Cache

Go over to the Storage and clear the cached data of your phone altogether. Be reminded that it will clear the cache of your other apps as well. But this will still come quite useful if you have other apps acting up after the update.

#3 Solution—Do a Factory Reset

If the above solutions fail to work, backup your device and perform the steps in this link to do a Factory Reset.

Install an Alternative App

When the feature still fails to work, then, there must definitely be something wrong with the update you just installed. As an alternative, you can install apps from Google Play that provides similar functions such as Flip To Mute or Flip-Silent.

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