Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 3]

It’s time for the third installation of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems series. I answered a lot of questions / problems in this post so take time to browse. If your problem cannot be found in this part, try reading the first two parts of the series:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 1] [Part 2]

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Yahoo! Mail Log In Failed Error in Galaxy S3

Problem: Hi, I hope you can help me! I have this error come up and nothing works. I was using the email service that comes with the phone. I looked around on the forums, I deleted the account but not I cannot add it? Says username or password is wrong but it isn’t. I cleared everything, caches, cookies, stored passwords, nothing works! I have yahoo account. Thanks! Best regards.Alexandra

Solution: There are a lot of factors to consider here. First are your credentials, then the email client you’re using, then your internet connection, and then there’s a possibility of Yahoo! server downtime. The point is, we can have an endless list of things that could lead to this very simple issue.

Give up trying to setup your account on the stock or default email app on Galaxy S3. Instead, download and install the official Yahoo Mail app from the Play Store. That could surely save you a lot of time troubleshooting. You see, official email clients like Gmail and Yahoo Mail are tailored to work flawlessly and have access to their respective servers.

My colleague has written an article about this specific problem, check it out: Yahoo! Mail Log In Failed Error in Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 Won’t Turn On After Being Charged

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have had it about 15 months. Yesterday I woke up to see it fully charged but fell back asleep, woke up an hour later and it was off. I cannot get it to turn on  on past the Samsung screen. I have switched batteries and chargers and tried plugged into a wall and into a computer. All I can get it to do it start, flash up the Samsung screen and vibrate before shutting off. AT& T does not carry this phone anymore and said there is nothing they can do but I can’t afford to early terminate my contract with my “dead” phone. If there is no way to make it work is there anyway to get my pictures and movies off of my internal SD card? Thanks.Jess

Solution: It seems like it’s a battery problem but I’m not ruling out the possibility of a software glitch. Try removing the battery first and then press and hold the power switch for at least 30 seconds, this would drain stored electricity from the components. After that, power on the phone again to see if it boots normally. If not, try booting to safe mode. The phone could boot to safe mode and if it does, then there’s an app that’s causing the problem. Find it, clear its data and uninstall it. If, however, you can’t boot to safe mode, then try booting to Recovery Mode. In there, you can try to wipe the cache partition. Exhaust all possible ways to turn the phone on again before finding a way to backup your data. Please read this post How To Fix A Galaxy S3 That Won’t Turn On [Troubleshooting Guide], it could help you.

Unfortunately, Email has stopped working

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and since last update (on 03/03/14) I’m not able to us my Email just getting a message saying “unfortunately your email has stopped working”. I can use my Gmail with no problem but not Email. Please can u help.Julie

Solution: It could be just a minor app glitch. Try clearing the cache of the Email app first and see if you can launch it without having welcomed by the error message. If that doesn’t work, there’s no other option but to clear the data as well. You lose the emails you already downloaded on your phone and you need to setup your email again. This procedure always works for this kind of problem so, it’s worth a try.

S3 telling me to close a window to open another

Problem: Hi! I have the Samsung Galaxy S3. I realized that when I’m on a website and I want to open another link on the same web page, it keeps telling me that I have to close a window in order to open another window. How can I fix that? I never had that problem before until 2 days ago.

Solution: One of our readers actually sent us an email to address this issue, it reads:

I had this problem the other day and was able to fix it. Basically there are too many website windows open in the background.  The way to fix it is to use a “pinch” motion on the website you’re on and it will minimize the screen and show all the screens you have open. Then you tap the red minus symbol to close the pages.

The issue I’ve had since I’ve received the update is my Sync system on my Ford no longer recognizes my phone. It worked perfectly before and afterwards I can’t get it to connect via Bluetooth.  It also used to show me the song and artist playing on Pandora on my screen in my car. Now it says unknown name and unknown artist. — Stacey

Galaxy S3 can’t get out of safe mode

Problem: Hello. I have had my Galaxy S3 for just over a year now and I have never had any problems with it until now, today it went onto safe mode and wouldn’t turn off. once we got safe mode off I still couldn’t call, text or use any internet, I took the battery and SIM card out and then put back in and it went back onto safe mode again. How do I get it to work properly again? Thanks.Taivier

Solution: If you’ve recently installed an app then this problem showed up, you should considering uninstalling it to see if the phone could boot normally after that. If it doesn’t, boot to Recovery Mode and wipe the cache partition, this procedure fixes this problem 90% of the time.

Camera flashes when email messages come in

Problem: One of the problems featured in the first part of this series was that “light flashes every time I receive an email.” I misunderstood it as “LED” light when in fact it was a camera flash. Our reader emailed us again regarding the problem:

Hello again and thank you for featuring my question and your answer in #3 of the 4.3 upgrade debacle.. Unfortunately, I did what you said and problem not solved. The light is more of the camera led (white light) that flashes from the back of the phone, not the red or blue led on the front face…Hopefully you will have a solution for this better explained problem. Thanks again for your time..

Best, John

Solution: Today, one of our readers emailed us with a fix to this problem:

I read very recent article on Drippler. One problem listed was one that I encountered. That problem is pasted below:

Hello, I have been reading your columns  on Drippler and have found them very helpful and fun while using my Samsung Galaxy S3. Since the 4.3 update my GS3 light flashes every time I receive an email and it is very annoying. Please let me know of a way to get rid of that glitch. BTW, my carrier is AT&T. Thank you very much, John

I believe the light that John is referring to is camera flash, not LED. I contacted Samsung regarding camera flash whenever email arrived. That is a known issue. It was resolved by using Setting menu to find Accessibility Options. The option was not enabled but by turning it on then back off resolved this issue.

I have a few co-workers that also had this same issue that I helped them resolve in the same way.

You are doing a GREAT JOB. Thanks and keep it up. — Bob

Thanks, Bob.

Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped working

Problem 1: Hello! Really hoping you can help me. The last update has resulted in my contacts not working.  I can answer incoming calls (although it doesn’t show the names) I can phone if I go on to text message and select the call symbol.  But if I try open contacts or open the missed calls log it says “Unfortunately contacts has stopped working.” Please help! Many thanks.Adam

Problem 2: After the update, my Galaxy S3 has had a few problems but with time, they are correcting,  I guess with other updates! The one thing that hasn’t changed is in my Contacts. Sometimes it will add them, sometimes it won’t, stating that contacts has stopped. If I want to edit an existing contact to a specific group, it either shows:  “processing” (and it doesn’t change) or “unfortunately, contacts has stopped”. Any ideas? Thanks.Karon

Solution: A simple clearing of the cache and data of the Contacts service may fix this problem.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings and then More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe twice to the left to choose All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap Contacts. (Don’t touch Contacts Storage as you will lose contacts saved on your phone.)
  6. Tap Clear Cache.
  7. Tap Clear Data, then OK.

Stuck on the logo screen

Problem: Hi! I updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 today and now I can’t start my phone. It’s stuck on the logo screen. I’ve tried everything including both your suggestions with wiping the cache and even the factory reset option (Does that mean I lose all my photos and stuff? I haven’t backed them up…) and when I start my phone up it is still stuck on that screen. Hopefully there’s another solution! Thank you! —  Tiffany

Answer: Yes, factory reset will delete your data including contacts, messages, and anything stored in your phone’s internal memory.

Solution: I’m sorry you have to go through all these. But the option left for you to do is flashing the official firmware to your phone using the flash tool called ODIN. This procedure would bring the phone back like you first unboxed it.

Unfortunately the system UI has stopped working

Problem: Hi there. I just got a message on my S3 telling me to update the device or whatever so I did and now everything runs extremely slowly and every 10 seconds or so a message saying “Unfortunately the system UI has stopped working” pops up. I’ve done some research looking at online forums and it seems the 4.3 update is riddled with issues but it’s all very confusing as to how to fix the problem. I have restarted, pulled the battery out and force closed apps. I thought of doing a factory reset but I feel like that won’t good anything because the firmware will probably remain unchanged. I’m not too cluey on tech issues. Do you have any advice?

Solution: There was a time last year when this same problem plagued Galaxy S3 owners but it was caused by some apps that interfered with the System UI’s normal operation. Uninstalling those apps and clearing both the cache and data of TouchWiz solved the issue. Yours, however, is update-related, or at least, occurred after an update. There is a possibility that there are some corrupt files due to bad download. I would recommend you wipe the cache partition first via the Recovery Mode. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then it is necessary to do a Factory Reset. But please backup your data first. If, in any case, the factory reset won’t fix it, you need to flash the firmware again using ODIN.

Can’t connect to some TuneIn Radio stations

Problem: Hi, I have got a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3 after upgrading to android 4.3. On the app ‘tunein radio’ I use to listen to my favourite stations (from overseas), but now some of them are hard to connect through 3G and some of the stations do not connect at all. Before the upgrade I didn’t have this problem. Would you please be able to tell me what the problem could be? Thanks. — Bruno

Solution: TuneIn Radio could stream media via mobile data or Wi-Fi, so as long as you have a good internet connection, you can stream your favorite station without having problems. First thing to do to fix your problem is to make sure your internet connection is stable. Then try clearing the cache and data of TuneIn Radio app. You may lose your favorite radio stations and some other settings but you can set them up once the problem is solved. If clearing the cache and data won’t solve it, reinstall the app.

Call barring issue with Galaxy S3

Problem: Hi I don’t know if you can help me. My S3 had an update a few days ago, since this update I’ve had problems. It’s not allowing me to connect to any WiFi it wont allow calls in or out saying my call barring is on and I’m unable to send messages. Very frustrated I visited an O2 shop today where they told me Samsung updates messing up is a common problem and I could send my phone away unfortunately I’ve cracked my screen and they told me they wouldn’t fix it without the screen being fixed also at a cost of £180, which I cant afford! I asked if I could re-update or downgrade this update and they said no. All I could do then is say I’ve lost my phone and claim on insurance? Surely there must be another way to correct this problem. Really stuck help!Lauren

Solution: First thing to do, make sure Airplane Mode is turned off. Second, turn off call barring option.

  1. Turning Off Call Barring
  2. Launch Phone, then tap the Menu key.
  3. Tap Call Settings, and then Additional Settings.
  4. Tap Call Barring, then Voice call.
  5. To disable call barring, tap each of the barring types that you’ve enabled before.
  6. Enter your barring password. If you never changed your barring password, then the default is 0000.
  7. Tap OK.

And to answer your question, YES, you can “re-update” and downgrade. Both can be done with the help of a flashing tool called ODIN.

Galaxy S3 keeps rebooting after having dropped

Problem: Hi, two days ago I got the official update of jelly bean 4.3 to my Samsung Galaxy S3. Last night phone was dropped with in small height. Today morning I switched on the phone its worked fine. But at the evening  suddenly my phone was restarted and Samsung Logo Splash Screen (Samsung galaxy S3 GT-I9300T) and Keeps rebooting. So I remove the battery and insert it after a few second. After that the phone worked fine and again the same problem happened.

If I remove the battery, phone switch off. And if I insert the battery again, phone switch on itself (without press power button) and keep restarting.

I try to open the (Home + Volume Up+ power ON) button option. But is not working. If I plug the phone to charge, gray battery shows and again restarting to charge…. (I mean, phone won’t stay in a stage).

If I try (Home + Volume down + Power On) option, phone shows the download mode for 5 seconds and restart again.

So can you please let me know it’s a software problem or hardware problem?

If it’s a software how fix it? (I tried the emergency firmware recovery through kies, but kies couldn’t find my phone).

Solution: The impact of the drop could have affected some of the components inside your phone. A circuit may have been messed up and triggered the reboots. You said the phone switched itself on when you placed the battery back, it’s clear the Power switch may have been affected. And this might also be the reason why you can’t boot to Recovery Mode. Best thing to do is to have it checked by an authorized technician.

TrueCaller and Tango apps problems

Problems: Hello there, you have been doing a great and appreciable work by helping all of us with your tech support! Thanks for that! 🙂

Now, my 1st problem is that when I install the TRUECALLER app on my galaxy s3 GT-I9300 , my phone’s screen keeps on blinking and ultimately hangs. The blinking part doesn’t stop until I reset the phone. Also when an unknown number calls me, it automatically brings truecaller in action and again the phone faces that problem of blinking and hanging!

2nd problem is that when I have the TANGO app installed on my phone, the app automatically opens while I get a call, and also my phone gets locked. So I have to first unlock my phone, close tango app and then pick up my call! I hope that u will surely help me in this problem! Thank you!

Solution: The good thing about third-party apps is that they are dispensable; you can replace them or you can continue using your phone without them. Clearly, the problems you were experiencing with your phone were caused by these two apps. The rule of thumb: if an app messes up with your phone’s normal operation, get rid of it before it can cause any more damage.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings and then More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe twice to the left to choose All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap TrueCaller.
  6. Tap Uninstall, then OK.
  7. Go back to Application Manager and find Tango.
  8. Tap Uninstall, then OK.

Feel free to contact developers of these apps and report what you have been experiencing.

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