Samsung Galaxy S3 Missing Apps After Installing Android 4.3

galaxy s3 missing apps

One avid reader shared to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag that around 75% of his apps are missing after his Samsung Galaxy S3 rebooted after installing the Android 4.3 firmware.

Likely Causes of the Galaxy S3 Missing Apps

One probable reason is that the app may have been disabled and the other is probably a firmware issue.

Possible Ways to Bring Back Galaxy S3 Missing Apps

If your apps have simply been disabled after updating to 4.3, you can bring them back using the steps below:

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to More.

3. Proceed to Application Manager.

4. Swipe the window until you reach the Turned Off section. This will reveal all your disabled apps.

5. Select Downloads.

6. Hit the Turned On button to activate the apps.

7. Reboot your Galaxy S3.

What if the Apps are Totally Gone?

If you fail to bring back the missing Galaxy S3 apps using the directions above, it is possible that they have been erased. So, there is no other option but to reinstall them again. However, another reader shared to us via The Droid Guy Facebook account he is experiencing some error notifications while reinstalling some apps or moving them to his external SD card.

Harold suggested that it could be a firmware issue and he recommended these steps to solve the problem:

1. Enter Safe Mode.

2. Uninstall the apps that are problematic. But to ensure a clean uninstallation, clear the cache and data of the apps too.

3. Go into Recovery Mode by shutting down your device and holding the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously until it boots.

4. Select Wipe Cache Partition in the menu. Note that the Volume keys are used to navigate over the options.

5. After the previous step, boot your device normally.

6. Now, you can reinstall the apps.

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