Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Fixes [Part 6]

galaxy-note-2-factory-reset-TDGWe’ve already answered a lot of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 problems but continue sending us your questions or problems, we will accommodate them. But please be detailed as much as possible so that we will know where and how to start.

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#1. Speaker, mic and earpiece not working


Dear Sir, I ‘ve been searching on net how to repair my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, after changing the LCD with digitizer, the problem is that there is no sound, mic and earpiece at all, I tried to reset, also upgrade to latest android but no help, I did try to use voice recorder to listen to music but nothing at all. I ordered all 3 pieces, again nothing, so I appreciate if you could tell me what sort of fault is this, I suspect its hardware problem, but its strange as if speaker not working or mic, its nothing to do with earpiece, any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks in advance.– George


It is, apparently, not just any software glitch and both you and I know this problem started after you changed the display of the phone. Try disassembling the Note 2 once again and check whether all cables and connectors were connected to where they should be. Well, it could be as minor as that but it could be as complicated as it could get.

I understand you may think that the speaker and mic aren’t connected to the earpiece. But I’m sure these three components are somehow connected to the phone’s built-in amplifier plus they’re on the same motherboard.

It is possible you may have snagged a cable while you were replacing the display panel.

#2. Cannot abbreviate words, turn off auto-correct


Good Day, I recently received the new update to 4.3 and have noticed that I can no longer abbreviate any words when I send text messages or emails. Spell check instantly fills in its own word or the correct word sometimes but most of the time it is the wrong word unless I place a period at the end of the abbreviated word, I actually end up having to spell out the complete word so that the person I am texting or emailing understands what I mean. Is there any way to add abbreviated words to the word list so it accepts what I actually type or a setting that I can set to accept abbreviations?


There are two ways to fix this issue. First is by adding words to your phone’s dictionary, which is the one you asked for, and second is by simply turning off predictive text. I would assume you’re using the Samsung keyboard. One workaround for this, however, is using the Swype keyboard.

I published an article addressing this specific problem, you can read it here:

Cannot Use Abbreviated Words on Galaxy Note 2 [How to Fix].

#3. No mobile data connection


My Galaxy Note 2 show no connectivity intermittently since 3 weeks ago. The problem began in January but it was one day problem the next two days ok. But now the problem is 24 hours. AT&T checks my nearest antenna signals and it is ok. I live in Puerto Rico. They change my SIM card. I made a factory reset. I had taken out the SIM and the battery. But the problem persists.

AT&T told me it should be the internal antenna. I take the phone to a repair shop and they have 3 Note 2s with the same problem that they couldn’t fix  them because they don’t know what the problem is. They check the internal antenna of the 3 phones and it was ok. So I don’t know what else to do.

I can’t make phone calls even the phone is showing 4 bars then when it is dialing the bars fail to one bar or none. I can’t connect to internet nor send text. I have to wait until bars appear again and pray they stay. Hope you could help me. Thanks.


I know how disappointing it is that no one would take responsibility to what happened to your phone and service but I agree with people from the repair shop you visited. We technicians cannot fix problems that we know don’t exist or we don’t know about.

So, you had your SIM card replaced, that was a good move in the first place. You did a Factory Reset, another good move, just to rule out the possibility of corrupt data and software-hardware conflicts. You brought the phone to a service center but they can’t fix it because they don’t know the problem. My advice is check for available firmware update and install it. Or, you could re-flash the firmware into your phone using ODIN.

By the way, consider having the phone replaced by your provider.

#4. Can’t disable Safe Mode


Dear Sir, my phone is Galaxy Note 2 & recently its screen cracked while dropped on the floor. After that I replaced it with a new one . Now the phone is working fine but screen’s left bottom corner shows the message “safe mode”. As per your instruction in your article I switch off power and started again, but the safe mode message still remains on. Please advise further to erase this message.  Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.


It could be just a little software glitch. There are actually five procedures you can follow to make the Galaxy Note 2 boot normally. If you’re using any third-party covers or cases, please remove them first to rule out the possibility that a certain key was accidentally pressed during the boot up. Now, I have written an article on how to address this specific problem, you can read it here: How to Fix Galaxy Note 2 Stuck in Safe Mode.

#5. Recording video while S View is on


I would like to know if there is a way to record a video when the smart cover is on. When I am recording a video,  I have to use 2 hands, one to keep the smart cover open, once I close the smart cover, the video stops recording right away. Hope you can help me to find a way. Thanks. Danny


As far as I know, there’s none. Unfortunately, you have to continue using both hands when recording videos. There are no apps available that could do so, too. Such is really a good idea and I’m pretty sure many would appreciate if Samsung were to include it in the next update roll out, or at least, give users hope that some way, somehow, they would be able to record videos even with S Cover on.

#6. How to fix laggy S Pen


Hello, just wondering if you know of a fix on the s pen lag on Note 2? I’ve researched and tried a few things but no luck. I’m unable to draw with it at all, even just writing takes me longer then I’d write it on a piece of paper. Any suggestions?


It’s sometimes difficult to determine whether it’s the S Pen that is laggy or the Note 2’s screen is just being a little bit unresponsive. First, check the overall performance of the phone to see if it’s the one causing this problem. If you’re sure it’s the S Pen, you can try adjusting its potentiometer to fit your preference.

Look at the side of the S Pen, you can see the click button. You can pop that up with a razor or something thin. There are two  potentiometers you can find, the one on the left or on the tip-side is the one you’ll adjust.

#7. Contact list lost after OTA update


Hi, I received an update OTA and installed it. Everything went smoothly and after reboot I couldn’t find my contacts “contact list updated”! I tried sync with my Google account but everything would sync except the contacts.


I hope you have made a backup of those contacts. But before anything else, try to reboot your phone for a few times. You know, Android will have to optimize apps after the update. Try to see if the Contacts app can retain the list. If not, then login to  your Google account through your computer and you can export your contacts and import it to your phone. It basically has the same output as syncing your phone.

#8. Email application won’t work after update


Dear Sirs, since I update my Android system to 4.3 version , the email application did not work anymore with this new version, I cannot receive emails only if I get in the application an do refresh manually. My phone is Samsung Note 2. I am waiting your reply about this issue . Thank you in advance .


I hope you’re using the stock email app. But going to the Application Manager and find Email. Try clearing its cache and data. More often, this procedure will solve app-related problems. Please note that you will lose your data including emails you’ve already download in your phone and that you need to setup your account again.

#9. Phone lags after update


Hello the Droid Guy, I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for a year running on Android 4.1.2 and recently I have updated to Android 4.3. It went smooth and in good operation but it lags after 1 month. It freezes and is not responding to what I press. I tried to take out the battery many times but it didn’t work. So I did a factory reset. After 2 weeks my phone has the same problem again now.

Besides, I cannot edit or delete or move or copy any content in SD card no matter on PC or phone from the start I got my phone. At first I thought this is not a big matter so I didn’t seek help to solve this problem. Sometimes I install apps from Google Play Store it will pop a dialogue with “Error. Couldn’t install on SD card or USB storage.”

What’s wrong with my phone? Is there something I can do to fix it? Thank you.


First of all, turn off Power Saving mode in case you enabled it. After, boot to Safe Mode. Now, closely observe the performance of your phone when in safe mode. If it runs okay, then a third-party app may be causing the problem. You to find that app and uninstall it. However, in case  you can’t it, backup all your data and perform a factory reset…again. This time be choosy of the apps you install and be observant of your phone’s performance every after you install an app.

If your computer cannot read from your SD card, then it might need to be formatted. But as to the error message you’re getting, it’s actually related to the Play Store. If pops up every time you attempt to install an app. Here’s what you can try:

  1. Go to Settings, then Storage.
  2. Unmount your SD card or external storage.
  3. Download and install apps from Play Store.
  4. Go back to Settings, then Storage.
  5. This time, mount your SD card.
  6. Reboot.
  7. You’ve successfully installed an app.

#10. Gallery app crashes after update


Dear Droid Guy, I hope this email finds you well and I really appreciate you taking the time to read this email. Ever since I updated to android 4.3 my gallery crashes when I press the share button for anything!

I can share the same video from my files if I open its file location and press share but if open the video in gallery and press share the gallery crashes directly. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance.


First of all, backup all your photos just to make sure they will not be compromised along the way. Now, you need to clear the cache and data of both the Gallery and Camera apps. Remember, these two apps work closely together and more often they get affected when one of them doesn’t function well.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap More tab and then Application Manager.
  3. Swipe left or right to choose All tab.
  4. Scroll to and tap Camera.
  5. Tap Force Close.
  6. Tap Clear Cache, and then Clear Data.
  7. Go back to All tab and find Gallery.
  8. Clear its cache and data.
  9. Reboot phone.

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