Samsung CEO denies the existence of a premium Galaxy S5 variant

Galaxy S5 Metal

The CEO of Samsung Mobile, JK Shin has categorically mentioned that the company will not launch a premium version of the Galaxy S5 smartphone as previously rumored. Reports had previously claimed that the Korean manufacturer was looking to launch a premium Galaxy S5 model known as the Galaxy F with a 2K resolution display and a metal body. But this confirmation from the company CEO has pretty much put those reports to bed.

The idea of launching another flagship wasn’t really feasible to begin with, considering the fact that the Galaxy S5 is still fresh and a newer flagship would only confuse the customers. Going by this report, it seems like the next flagship of the year will probably be the Galaxy Note 4 with a launch expected in September.

This is pretty disappointing news as we’ve been patiently looking forward to the launch of a metal body Galaxy S5 over the past several months. Perhaps Samsung could live up to those expectations with the upcoming Note flagship or next year’s Galaxy S flagship, but not anytime soon.

Source: KBench

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3 Replies to “Samsung CEO denies the existence of a premium Galaxy S5 variant”

  1. If this is true, it is very disappointing. The S5 is not fit to be a flagship. It does not have that wow-factor. I just hope they release a better one,before they release a 6 inch TABLET which would be the Note 4.

  2. Maybe it’s taking a little longer to get it ready for launch and he’s denying it as a cover to give more time to get it out there. We’ll just have to wait and see what they do.

  3. Is it possible this guy is just pulling everyone’s chain? I mean what is better for a surprise than to say one thing and do another, surprising the public and getting a great deal of attention when it finally launches?

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