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Samsung announces three new accessories for the Galaxy Core Advance to help the visually impaired

Galaxy Core Advance Ultrasonic Cover

Samsung has just announced three new accessories for the Galaxy Core Advance smartphone to help the visually impaired. During the launch of the smartphone, Samsung specified that the handset would feature several accessibility related features to make lives easier for the visually challenged.

First of these accessories is actually a case for the device, known as the UltraSonic Cover which will detect any obstacles or people ahead of you with a range of 2 meters. The cover will notify the user either via vibrations or using synthesized speech. Samsung hasn’t given out details on the pricing yet, but we’re guessing it won’t be cheap.

Second of the accessories announced by Samsung is known as the Optical Scan Stand. This will basically allow users to read through documents with the help of the smartphone. When a text filled paper is kept on the stand and the user rests the smartphone on top of it, the handset automatically starts reading whatever it sees on that paper with the help of the camera sensor. This will make lives easier for the visually impaired by allowing them to get through lengthy documents with relative ease.

Galaxy Core Advance Optical Scan Stand

The last of the accessories shown off by Samsung is basically an NFC tag known as the Voice Label. Users can set predetermined messages or content to be played out whenever they wave the phone across these tags. So to conclude, these accessories could make lives a whole lot easier for the visually impaired who rely heavily on speech input and voices. Samsung could do wonders if it brings accessories like these to its other smartphones as well. Samsung has mentioned that these accessories are already available wherever the Galaxy Core Advance is sold.

Galaxy Core Advance Voice Label

Source: Samsung

Via: Android Authority

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