Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be disappointing initially: Analyst

Galaxy S5

According to an analyst from IM Investment & Securities, Lee Min-hee, the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S5 might not be very impressive in the first three months of its launch. Lee claims that the smartphone will fail to show promise in the market initially due to “a lack of sweeping hardware improvements”.

Further creating problems for the Korean manufacturer is the fact that it cannot launch smartphones on its home turf of South Korea as carriers have been banned from launching smartphones until May 19. Considering that this is over one month after the Galaxy S5 goes on sale, it is very likely to affect sales of the smartphone.

However, given the size of South Korea in comparison to the rest of the world market, this will be a negligible loss for the company. But things are expected to return back to normalcy once the restrictions are lifted in the region. The carriers in the region have been penalized by the authorities for making in excess of $250 from each device in subsidies.

Everywhere else, the Galaxy S5 has sparked off quite a lot of buzz among the public. In the U.S. over 100,000 customers pre-registered to get info about the T-Mobile variant of the smartphone, which speaks volumes about the interest for the latest Samsung flagship.

Source: Reuters

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18 Replies to “Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be disappointing initially: Analyst”

  1. Android is not dependent on Play Store. Its just a part of it. The Android ecosystem is for a greater good. There are manufacturing plants running on Android systems.

  2. Yeah, because Nokia is not paying anything to Google, it doesn’t get to use any of its services. But its hard to imaging opening search results on Bing and using OneDrive as the cloud storage client on an Android device.

  3. I was referring to Tizen running Android apps. And Nokia X runs Android apps which do not use Google’s Play Services.

  4. Yeah. But it makes more sense if Tizen is able to run Android apps, like Nokia X does. Or did I just made it up, a rumor? LOL! 🙂

  5. Well apparently, Samsung does not bother about sane people like us. Plus they seem more interested in developing Tizen. So it makes sense why they are going in this direction.

  6. Yeah, that makes sense. There are more companies than you think backing the Tizen project, and we might see the OS get a big and grade announcement very soon.

  7. I keep telling this. Release only Play Store editions and your phones will sell good. Make everything else as stand alone apps and downloadable. People who want bloatware will download them.

  8. I agree with all the comments here. Samsung, with its workforce, could have done wonders by this time. But the S5 is again a disappointment after the S4, as a lot of people have already sounded.

  9. I am pretty sure they are more invested in bringing out Tizen to the market. Could explain why they seem so disinterested in developing on S5.

  10. Well what do does Samsung expect. People are getting tired of their products slowly. Their phones look like they haven’t been worked on since a year. Rebranding and adding a dozen new bloatwares won’t help their business.

  11. i think we are yet to see another wave of smartphone revolution.
    Most smartphones today have little to no innovation at all. Every one seems content to simply improve a bit another’s ideas without really giving consumers something more, like what Steve Jobs did with the iPhone and touchscreen.

  12. I think the market is pretty much saturated with all kinds of smartphones after it’s been flooded year after year since the first iPhone took off.
    I also think Samsung expects this given how relatively mild ads and commercials for S5 before and during its launch.

  13. Yeah, this was pretty much expected. There was a very big room for innovation after the S4. And this is the best the company could come up with? It is either working on something else which is more important, or is just not interested in this space anymore.

  14. Yes, after the disappointing sales of the S4, and with almost no innovation in the S5, you can’t expect the phone to sell like hot cake. The company is already losing ground. And if you ask me, Samsung has better chances of selling more units of the S5 if it releases a Play Store Edition.

  15. Not surprising. After five renditions, and little to no innovations since the third, there’s no doubt people are either losing interest or waiting for when their contracts are up on the S4 to get the S6.

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