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Report states that Sprint’s acquisition of T-Mobile unlikely to happen

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The CEO of Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile USA), Timotheus Hoettges has mentioned that the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint is unlikely to go through due to regulatory obstacles that lie ahead of them.

It was recently revealed that the FCC wasn’t really convinced with Sprint acquiring T-Mobile, so the CEO’s words don’t come as a surprise. T-Mobile on the other hand is reportedly open to other offers.

Neither carrier can afford for the deal to be shut off after the bid is disclosed, as it would result in major losses for the carriers. This is something which happened when the AT&T/T-Mobile merger fell through due to lack of support from the regulators. Hoettges seemingly has deeper plans for T-Mobile in the U.S., where he will reportedly discuss with the regulators to offer the carrier a bigger chunk of the spectrum during the next auction.

So it seems like T-Mobile will have to run on its own for the foreseeable future, which might not really be a bad idea given the carrier’s massive popularity in the U.S.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: BGR

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