Promotional materials of the new HTC One already making its way to Verizon stores


The All New HTC One is set for an unveiling next Tuesday. And as we gear up for the announcement, the leaks are still pouring in. This time a Verizon store has been spotted carrying promotional materials for the smartphone. These don’t reveal anything new apart from the fact that Verizon will sell the device at launch with the unique case we saw leaking out a couple of weeks ago.

Also interesting from this brochure is the mention of the codename “M8” which was making the rounds before the name was officially revealed. It seems like carriers will use the M8 moniker in order to differentiate it from the predecessor.

HTC’s UK wing has announced a partnership with local retailer to launch the smartphone immediately after its launch next week in select outlets across London. We can expect Verizon and other carriers to do something similar in the U.S., as the smartphone is being announced in a New York City event.

Via: Phandroid

4 Replies to “Promotional materials of the new HTC One already making its way to Verizon stores”

  1. I think its better to wait and see if this is going to be very different compared to the current HTC One. If the changes are minor, then I guess its better to buy the old one, it’ll be available for much less money then.

  2. I’m just waiting for the 25th. There have been just too many leaks and rumors about the device. We all have seen the device in all its glory when that make made that video.

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