Problem in Scheduling SMS in Galaxy Note 2

scheduling sms in galaxy note 2

The function which enables users to schedule SMS in Galaxy Note 2 is a pretty neat feature. It prevents you from disturbing a person during specific hours or it lets you set greetings during special occasions.

However, some people who have updated their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 devices to Android 4.3 have reported losing this very useful feature. A number of readers stated this in The Droid Guy Mailbag and it was also mentioned in several forums online. This makes us think that Google may have botched the function when it rolled out the 4.3 update.

How to Bring Back the Feature to Enable Scheduling SMS in Galaxy Note 2 in 4.3

If you are missing the feature that will let you schedule SMS in Galaxy Note 2 after installing the 4.3 update, apply the remedies below to solve your problem:

1. Wait for an Update Containing a Fix

The best thing for you to do is to wait for an update that contains a fix. You can also report the problem to your carrier and phone manufacturer so they will be informed about the issue.

2. Use Alternative Apps

If you can’t wait for the update, you can just install apps that enable scheduling SMS in Galaxy Note 2 such as Go SMS Pro or similar apps.

3. Flash to an Earlier Android Version or Install a Custom ROM

Another alternative is to flash your device to an earlier version or install a custom ROM. This is very risky though as you might brick your device if not done properly. Either have someone familiar with the process to perform this or familiarize yourself on the methods before you proceed.

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