Pebble App Challenge kicks off today, $5000 and 16 Pebble Steels up for grabs

Pebble App Challenge

The makers of Pebble have announced a nifty little reward of $5000 for developers who come up with the best app for the recently announced Pebble Appstore. Calling this the Pebble App Challenge, the aim is to find the best apps for the smartwatch from thousands of developers across the globe. While the grand prize is the $5000 cash prize, 16 other finalists will get a Pebble Steel smartwatch each as a consolation.

This will lead to excellent apps making its way to the smartwatch, thus positively affecting both the developers and the users. The contest begins today and will be valid until the 23rd of March (5PM PST), so make sure you hurry if you’re looking to snatch the prize.

Winners are announced by user voting, so only good apps are going to win, which makes this a fair contest. After the submission period is over, users of Pebble and the public in general will have a chance to vote 16 of the best apps for the next four days (March 24-27). After this, starting from the first week of April, there will be duels held between two apps each day where one is adjudged the winner and the other is eliminated. Exactly like the knockout stages of a competition. The app that remains undefeated wins the grand prize.

Source: Pebble App Challenge

Via: Android Police

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