Paranoid Android Adds “Peek” Active Notifications Feature

One of the best custom ROMs available in the market has just gotten better with a new active notification feature in its latest beta version. This new feature is similar to what is being implemented in Motorola’s Moto X where consumers can view notifications even without touching the phone. Paranoid Android is bringing a similar feature to future updates of the Android 4.4 version of the ROM and it is being called “Peek”.

The team behind Peek says that they got the inspiration for this feature from a smartwatch. With a smartwatch a person simply has to take a glance at it to view the notifications without exerting effort. What if this very same concept can be brought to smartphones? This is how Peek was created.

What Peek basically does is it detects movement, any movement, whenever a notification arrives. If a person lifts the phone off the table or takes it out of a pocket then this is detected as movement and will be interpreted as the user wanting to see the notification.

The Paranoid Android team announced at their official Google page that “As a team, Paranoid Android has been working to overhaul the Android notification system. Today we are proud to present our version of active notifications codename Peek. The design philosophy behind peek was to deliver a smartwatch convenience. When you receive a notification Peek will start listening for movement like being taken out of a pocket or lifted off a table. If movement is [detected] within 10 seconds of receiving a notification A minimalist UI displays your active notifications. No need to press any buttons or unlock any screens, just click or slide to select a notification and the app is launched.”

How does this new feature affect the battery life of a smartphone? This is one of the top questions asked by consumers who are concerned about the battery life of their device. The good news about Peek is that it uses several battery saving techniques that allows it to draw minimal power. This latest feature uses two sensors on the device, the gyroscope and the proximity sensor. If the display of the device is turned on then Peek will turn off both the gyroscope and the proximity sensor. Once the display is off Peek will then use the gyroscope and the proximity sensor to know where your phone ends up. If it detects that the device is on a flat surface then it will turn off the proximity sensor. If it detects that the device ends up in a pocket then the gyroscope will be turned off.

Right now Peek is still under heavy development however if you have installed the latest Paranoid Android beta on your device then you can test this feature out simply by activating it.

To activate

  • Settings > Display > Peek notifications checkbox (right under notifications title)

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