Oppo Find 7 Confirmed To Have Two Versions, Comes With 50MP Camera

A lot of people are pretty excited about the upcoming launch of the Oppo Find 7 which will happen on March 19 (which is two weeks away). We’ve been getting bits and pieces of information regarding this device since last year and until today Oppo has only revealed a few details about it.

The latest information teased by the company is that there will actually be two versions of the Oppo Find 7. One version will have a 1920×1080 resolution display while the other will have a much higher 2560×1440 resolution display. Both versions will be revealed this coming March 19 and we’re expecting the 1080p model to be cheaper than the 1440p model. This was revealed in a photo uploaded by the company’s official Weibo account.

We’ve been hearing rumors that Oppo was testing different display resolutions for its upcoming flagship device and it seems that they have decided to produce this model in two versions. The FHD 1920 x 1080 model has the same resolution as the current Find 6 device while the 2K QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution version has the same resolution as the Vivo Xplay 3S.

Aside from this latest display information the Oppo Find 7 will also reportedly be sporting a 50MP camera. Details of a photo sample uploaded by Oppo reveals that it has a resolution of 8160 x 6120 and weighs in at 9.7MB. These values suggest that it was taken by a 50MP camera. Several online sleuths also point out that the camera could have a 2.14 aperture size or possibly a sensor size of 1/2.4.


While a smartphone with a higher megapixel count generally takes better pictures it’s not always the case. Many factors also come in play to make a picture great such as what lens is being, the sensors that are used, and even the settings on the camera used to take the picture. Even the flash plays a part in taking great photos.

Right now we still have no information if both versions will be getting the 50MP camera or if it’s only the 2560×1440 version that will be getting it. We will definitely get all the answers this coming March 19 when the company finally launches the device.

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