OmniROM developer working on an always-on mic feature for the Nexus 5

Nexus 5

The developer responsible for OmniROM is reportedly launching an always-on mic feature for the LG Nexus 5. This feature was originally shown off with the Moto X and subsequently followed by the trio of DROID smartphones on Verizon. This developer was responsible for the Focal camera app which was quite impressive for a third party camera app.

The developer Guillaume Lesniak claims that the Snapdragon 800 chipset on the Nexus 5 is capable of having an active microphone like the Moto X, so in theory, this feature should work. He has also uploaded a video showing the proof of concept. Features like these will make for a much better user experience, especially for a device like the Nexus 5 which has the backing of the large developer community.

He says that in its current form, this always-on mic feature for the Nexus 5 is unusable, claiming that “it’s far from being stable, and not releasable in the current state”. However, he hopes to make this feature available to the public in the coming weeks.

Source: Google+

Via: Android Authority

3 Replies to “OmniROM developer working on an always-on mic feature for the Nexus 5”

  1. Always on mic feature! That’s sounds good. I don’t have
    Moto X with me but definitely have qi enabled Nexus 5. I will definitely give a try to add this feature in my Smartphone in order to experience it.

  2. I’ll install OmniROM even if I have to root my Nexus 5 and install custom recovery. This is feature worth all that. But it would be idea if this is released as just an app, probably without root access.

  3. Wow! This would be an awesome feature to have on the Nexus 5. The feature on Moto X has always tempted me to get the device. But will this feature be available only on the OmniROM, or will be this released as a standalone app in the Play Store?

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