Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Firmware Leak Available Online

As Samsung gears to launch its next high end flagship Android smartphone in over 150 countries around the globe in under two weeks, someone has already leaked the official firmware and is now available for download.  The Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched last month during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and is scheduled to come to the shelves as soon as the first week of April.  In the US, the Galaxy S5 is already available for pre-order on Sprint and has been confirmed to come to the other 3 networks – AT&T, Verizon and US Cellular.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 firmware dump that made an appearance online is from a Chinese version of the S4 model number SM-G9009D was shared via SamMobile, with the build date showing March 12th as the build date.  This is a clear proof that other builds, which often have minimal variation from the others, are ready and the phones are probably already shipping.  This is also a clear sign that developers will have a head start in extracting its various segments and identifying apps and tools that are modifiable.  For those of us who prefer customized ROMs, the firmware is the Holy Grail.

Interestingly, the guys at SamMobile have already made the S5 version of S Voice available after extracting it from the firmware.  If you are the kind of user who likes to probe things and find out what their machine is made of, this firmware would be the perfect toy for you to play with – maybe even help you decide whether the S5 is your kind of phone.  What’s more, with an S5 ’emulator’ app available for download, this wouldn’t be a very difficult decision to make if it’s a serious one.

As of now, the firmware doesn’t tell us much but we wouldn’t expect so much anyway because it comes with the already too -familiar Android 4.4.2 KitKat.  You can download the firmware here if it would benefit you, you can get the S Voice app here.

Source: SamMobile via Android Authority


6 Replies to “Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Firmware Leak Available Online”

  1. Yeah, Android being an Open Source OS, it has a lot of things going for it, and the massive developer base is one of those driving factors.

  2. Indeed, although the S Pen developer base didn’t really catch on, which was real disappointing after I got my Note early last year.

  3. I agree. One of Android’s biggest asset is its developers who churn out lots of very good apps (and not so very good ones too).
    This is the advantage of allowing Android to remain as an open source OS.

  4. If this is Samsung’s strategy, then they must be doing it right because their products still sells although the numbers are no longer that impressive compared to the past few years.

  5. Yeah, probably. 🙂 But one thing I like about Samsung smartphones is that they get a good developer base, no matter is its running on a Snapdragon or an Exynos chipset.

  6. Not too much of a surprise. I feel like Samsung intentionally leaks this stuff just to promote their devices…/conspiracy

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