Nexus 7 With LTE Is $299 at Best Buy


If you’ve been wanting a Nexus 7 with LTE, Best Buy has a great deal for you today. Normally $350, the 32 GB Nexus 7 is only $299.99 today, a $50 savings. This is the same model you get everywhere else, so it works on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Verizon sells the Nexus 7 for the normal price of $349 or $49 on-contract. If you don’t want a contract with them, you should definitely take advantage of this deal. Of course, T-Mobile will still give you their 200 MB of data for free and AT&T’s plans apply as well.

Source: Best Buy via Droid-Life

4 Replies to “Nexus 7 With LTE Is $299 at Best Buy”

  1. I know these signs! They are the signs of Nexus 7 going out of production. Makes sense now that Nexus 8 will come out this year.

  2. I think kids will love this one but I agree that there are still other tablets out there that are cheaper.
    Good examples are the ones from ZTE. Their Optik looks good for me.

  3. $299 is already a good bargain especially that it comes from a quality maker. Other affordable options are within this range but a $299 Nexus would be a better choice.

  4. I would rather hold out for the larger one if I can, but if the price drops anymore I might end up getting it for the kids to share. So many people just want to get the cheap tablets for kids but while this is not cheap it would be cheaper than the one I am eying right now.

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