Nexus 5 Bluetooth Not Working

nexus 5 bluetooth not working

Someone experiencing a Nexus 5 Bluetooth problem sent us this message via The Droid Guy Mailbag, “My Nexus 5 Bluetooth doesn’t turn on. I don’t know when did it start but I think it was due to the Android 4.4  update I installed.”

A similar problem was posted in the Google Groups forum, but it was concerning a Nexus 4 device. According to the people in the forum who were experiencing the problem, their woes started when they got the Android 4.4.2 update in their units. Some of them claimed to have called Google and their respective carriers about the issue but the customer support of both denied that their update has anything to do with it.

Possible Solutions to Fix the Nexus 5 Bluetooth Problem

Based on the suggestions of people there, these solutions might also work in your Nexus 5:

1. Restart the Nexus 5

This is the most basic solution to fix minor bugs not only for the Nexus 5. However, it should be noted that this can only be a temporary solution to the issue as users who were able to fix the problem using this method said that their troubles recurred later on.

2. Switch Off Wi-Fi

Some users who have tried switching off their Wi-Fi stated that they were able to fix the glitch while others denied that the solution worked for them.

3. Do a Factory Reset

Another user confirmed that the problem is still there even after entering Safe Mode. If you are encountering the same result, backup all your data and do a Factory Reset to remove any bugs caused by corrupted system files. However, if this still fails to solve the issue, better bring your phone to an authorized technician for Nexus devices already.

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Source: Google Groups forum

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