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New Leak Explains How The HTC M8’s Dual Camera Setup Works



We know much about the HTC M8, but we still don’t know much about the dual camera setup. But now we might finally have an answer as to what it does.

At first glance of this leaked Telstra brochure about the new phone, it doesn’t appear there’s much here. But it spills the beans on the camera and more software features.



It seems the dual cameras will be used for many purposes. What’s the most obvious is that low-light images should be of improved quality. But what’s interesting is that you’ll be able to edit photos after you take them, including the focus, highlight backgrounds, and the highlights.

And 3D effects are here, too. It’s unclear if the full 3D feature-set from the HTC EVO 3D from 2011 is returning, but March 25th is only two weeks away at this point. So we’ll know soon.

A new leak we also haven’t seen before seems to be borrowed from another phone. LG has made waves with their “Knock-On” feature of being able to double-tap the screen to wake it up. Now HTC is also getting this feature for this new phone. Hopefully it’s been licensed or unpainted, because another lawsuit isn’t fun for anybody.

We also learn the Australian pricing for the new HTC One, at least for Telstra. You can either pay AU$840 outright for the phone or pay AU$92 per month for the device.

So HTC’s March 25th event isn’t that far away now. At that event, we’ll finally learn all the features the new HTC One has. This does look really appealing so far.

Source: GSM Arena via Android Central

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