New HTC One stars in 14-minute video review ahead of official debut


It’s only a matter of hours before HTC takes the stage to announce its latest flagship, the All New One, but it looks like one of the few publications that got early access to the device decided to upload their full hands-on review ahead of the official unveil. Well, given the insane amounts of leaks that we’ve already seen, this doesn’t exactly surprise, but it does give us a rather thorough rundown of the device in a 14-minute video review.

The video shows off the phone from every angle before diving into the software, which is now fronted by iteration 6.0 of Sense. The dual camera functionality is demoed, which basically lets you refocus photos and create photos that pan in a semi-3D fashion, the new screen gestures are tested as well, and a new “Extreme” power saver mode is revealed, which looks like an advanced power saving mode that will likely turn off everything but the phone’s radio to save battery life, not unlike Samsung’s new Ultra Power Saving Mode. It’s a pretty thorough walkthrough that wasn’t meant to go online just yet, but like all other leaks related to the new One, HTC wasn’t able to stop this one either.

The video also confirms a rather disappointing hardware spec everyone had been hoping would have been upgraded – the camera is still a 4-megapixel (UltraPixel) unit, coupled with a 2MP secondary camera, so it doesn’t look like HTC has addressed one of the biggest complaints users had from the HTC One. This actually means that the front camera is of a higher resolution (5-megapixel) than the rear camera, but it’s best not to jump to conclusions before camera samples emerge.

Go ahead and check out the hands-on video below and see if you like what the new HTC One has to offer.

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  1. I agree. I was really hoping that the camera would be better. I probably won’t upgrade to this one. I am all about a better camera. I take a ton of pictures and don’t want to haul my camera around with me.

  2. This is not surprising. The phone is going on sale in a few hours. Everyone can make a video.

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