Motorola updates its stock camera app with the ability to take pictures with the volume buttons


Motorola has just posted an update for its camera app from the Moto X, Moto G and the trio of Verizon DROID smartphones. Since Motorola has made most of its core apps available from the Google Play Store, this update will be like a standard app update with a notification popping up on your screen anytime now.

The changelog suggests that the update will bring the ability to take images using the volume rocker. As of now, the camera can take pictures by tapping anywhere on the viewfinder, so this is a nifty addition. Users can access this feature even from the volume controls on a wired headset, which is neat as well.

The app will also come with its usual suit of bug fixes and support for Android 4.4.2, which is currently being rolled out to the Moto X by AT&T. So users can expect a substantially better performance from their Motorola camera app combined with the ability to take pictures from the volume button.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Police

11 Replies to “Motorola updates its stock camera app with the ability to take pictures with the volume buttons”

  1. Nope. Nexus 4 had this feature long back. I think it is a feature in with the stock camera app of Nexus.

  2. I’m pretty sure a lot of custom ROMs give you this option. You can even customize this in few ROMs.

  3. This is almost like having a dedicated shutter button. Nice. I really like the one on Sony’s smartphones. I have always wanted physical shutter buttons. This is a good move, Motorola.

  4. Yes, Nexus 5 has that feature. I thought its an Android KitKat feature. But its both easy and annoying at times. I’m used to zooming using the volume keys, and now all of a sudden I have to get used to this new feature.

  5. I’m pretty sure there is another phone which has the same feature. I think its the Nexus 5.

  6. This is so cool! It will be super easy to snap pictures now. I think this idea is brilliant. I wonder what else they will use the volume bar for.

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