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Motorola offering the Moto X for $349.99 for its loyal customers

Moto X

Existing customers of Motorola devices will be treated to a surprise email notifying them of a loyalty discount on the Moto X. This will effectively bring down the pricing of the smartphone to $349.99, which is a flat $50 off the asking price. The mail is also accompanied by a coupon code, which is exclusive to each user and will have to be used during checkout to avail the discount.

While the standard customizable Moto X will cost $350 after this discount, users will still have to shell out an extra $25 for the wooden variants, which is a negligible amount really. There is no word on whether these codes can be transferred to other users, but considering that most people who receive this mail already own a Moto X, it is safe to assume that they will be transferable.

Motorola has been offering several discounts on the Moto X, but the pricing has gone back to its old state now. However, with newer flagships set to arrive in the markets, we can expect the company to offer more discounts on the smartphone in the coming weeks. If you have received a loyalty code in your email, make sure you redeem it by heading over to the Moto Maker page from the link below.

Source: Motorola

Via: Android Central

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