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Motorola Launches New Moto G Ad Campaign


Motorola’s most successful smartphone ever just got a new ad campaign. Just a little while ago, Motorola posted an ad titled “Exceptional Phone. Exceptional Price.” There is an ad both in English and in Spanish. For the price the Moto G is, it really is a great phone.

The ad shows people using the device for many purposes, including entertainment, navigation, utility uses, and for memories. As a cheap phone, the Moto G is really good at all of these tasks. Which is why Motorola has sold so many of them.

If you want a Moto G, it’s only $179 for the 8 GB version and $199 for the 16 GB version. Keep in mind that this is a 3G-only phone, though. But if you want it as, say, a spare phone or you don’t care about LTE, go ahead and grab one. It won’t hurt your wallet.

Source: Motorola (English), Motorola (Spanish)

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