Moto X ‘College Collection’ now available through Moto Maker

Moto X College Collection

Motorola has just announced the ‘College Collection’ Moto X, which will give users a new set of colors and logos to choose from, depending on your college. This variant of the smartphone is available through Moto Maker as an add on to the existing line of customization options offered by the site. The College Collection includes logos from 40 schools (and counting), so more colleges are expected to be added subsequently.

As a bonus, Motorola is also offering a discount if you buy using a qualifying ‘.edu’ email which is reserved for students. Using that email, students can get the Moto X for as little as $339.99 which is a $60 discount on the original price.

It must be noted that these are add-on cases and can be bought separately as well for $35 for any variant of the Moto X. But new buyers will be able to get the case for free along with the standard Moto X. So head over to the link below to check if there’s a case from your alma mater.

Source: Motorola

Via: Android Police

14 Replies to “Moto X ‘College Collection’ now available through Moto Maker”

  1. It would be nice, yeah. If you want to find a different case, I’m sure there’s a website out there that will let you do it.

  2. Ah ok. Well, I don’t think that’ll be possible due to licensing and copyright issues that would arise. Motorola has to partner with University’s and College’s to put the emblems of these educational institutes on the back of cases to avoid any sort of legal ramifications.

  3. Well, customize the logo on the back. I’m not talking about the Motorola logo, the logo of the university, as given in the image in this post.

  4. The specs are the same as any other Moto X. The new one isn’t coming out until this summer. :<)

  5. Indeed. I can’t wait to see core cases added–most people love representing their college or university, and because of this, sales will skyrocket.

  6. I agree. It’s also good that you can buy the case separately if you already have a phone. Not everyone is in the market to buy a new phone, so available cases would probably sell quickly.

  7. I’d say this is an excellent idea.College kids will embrace this one especially if they belong to a school with available logos.
    Do we have updates on the specs?

  8. Do they allow customization of the logo as well? This is going to be a hit for sure. I would want to have one like that for myself.

  9. This is a good way to attract the college going community. Good phone for such a less price, with a customized look. What else would a student need. Good thinking Motorola!

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