Moto G becomes Motorola’s highest selling smartphone

Moto G

The Moto G is no doubt one of the best value-for-money devices out there. Motorola made it immediately obvious that it wants to sell the device in large numbers in order to remain competitive in the midrange segment. The manufacturer has now announced that the smartphone is officially its most successful smartphone.

This is a commendable feat for Motorola as the smartphone is just under five months old in the market. Popular carriers around the world, including Verizon Wireless have been selling the device for a few months now. The handset has also been available all over the world with an unlocked price of $179 and $199 for the 8 and 16GB variants respectively, so its popularity is no surprise really.

Motorola failed to give out specific numbers of its sales, but it is believed that the Indian market had a huge part to play in the success of the smartphone. The handset was apparently sold online only in the region through a local retailer which seems to have sparked tremendous interest among potential buyers. Considering that Motorola doesn’t enjoy the kind of marketing money that Samsung or other major companies have, it would be very impressed with the smartphone’s performance globally.

Source: DNA India

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16 Replies to “Moto G becomes Motorola’s highest selling smartphone”

  1. I’m not sure if Motorola is really making money out of its recent success with Moto G but Google is definitely not keeping it.
    Let’s see how Lenovo handles Moto from here on.

  2. Makes sense. Moto G was the best phone made my Motorola in recent times. Glad they are doing well. Credit goes to Google.

  3. Moto 360 will be amazing. I will get one myself too. Motorola is back in business I suppose. 🙂

  4. And it can easily do whatever an expensive Android smartphone can do. So it’s not like you bought her some cheap worthless smartphone. Its really good.

  5. I think they just hit the middle ground where they have their products available for the masses who do not want to spend a great deal on the phone but they also do not want to have a bargain phone at the same time. Smart business model.

  6. I would agree. I bought this phone for my son. He loves it. I like a bigger phone though. I like to surf the net and do other things on my phone. I need a bigger screen. I can see why Motorola is having no problem selling this one though.

  7. I wondered the same thing. Why wouldn’t people pay $20 more for double the gigs. Either way they are both cheap phones for being Android phones. Of course they are going to sell.

  8. I saw my friend’s Moto G and used it. Found it so hard to give it back. That device its in your hand so easily and is super fun to use. Not to mention that it does not lag and is quite cheap. No wonder it has been the best seller.

  9. So true! This was the first smartphone I purchased for my daughter. I bought it because it is an Android phone and because it was cheap. I did not want to buy an expensive phone for her first phone.

  10. I agree with you on that one. A lot of people want a smartphone but can’t afford to buy one with all the bells and whistles. I think this Moto G is a great choice for them. I can see why it is the top seller for Motorola.

  11. The Moto G is just awesome. The Moto X is no less, I love both these phones. I think these are the only two Motorola phones that have pleased me. Also, the Moto 360 is going to be super fun.

  12. Well, it makes sense. The Moto G is super awesome, not just for the money you pay for it, but as an Android smartphone. It proves that even without costing a fortune, you can get an awesome Android phone.

  13. I can remember back in the day when the Motorola RAZR was all the rage… Does anyone else remember those? Crazy how far we’ve come since then! Motorola has always been a good brand for cell phones, though.

  14. If the 16 gig version only costs twenty dollars more than the 8 gig version, why in the world wouldn’t you opt for the 16 gig?? (I digress.) More to the point, I’m not surprised the Moto G has been Motorola’s best selling smartphone. It’s a decent phone and it’s much more affordable than a lot of the other smartphones out there.

  15. Of course it is, the thing is super cheap. It is not bad for being cheap but when you break it down and are on a tight budget would you rather get the absolute cheapest (40 bucks), break the bank over what some pay for a mortage each month or something simple that works like this?

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