Meet Moto 360. Motorola’s Android Smartwatch

This might surprise you.  Google just announced its smartwatch, the Moto 360.  Well, that’s not exactly what it is as it is Motorola’s Android smartwatch, but we all know who runs Motorola.  This announcement came right after Google announced a platform dedicated to smartwatches and wearable Android devices, the Android Wear.  Interestingly, in a blog published earlier today, LG’s G Watch seemed anointed to christen the new mobile operating system for wearables until Google dropped the Moto 360.

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This is a unique way for Google to get into the smartwatches business and bring a device that not only tells the time but also promises to provide you with ‘the information you need, when you need it’.  Motorola calls this a truly modern timepiece they designed themselves to ‘re-imagine the wristwatch of the future’.

The narrative on their blog is kinda cute, but as much as they claim to invent time, the Moto 360 looks a lot like a shrunken Moto X, but not in design.  I can however credit Motorola for bringing back the simplicity of a watch to the smartwatch market that was almost leading us to strapping tablets on our wrists, the Moto 360 is a sleek rounded basic gadget that is designed for easy wearing and use without drawing too much attention or distracting yourself.  That’s what Motorola says.

The Moto 360 runs on the just announced Android Wear version of Android OS and the clearest giveaway is the ‘Ok Google’ feature available on Android but for now the focus is on the design rather than functionality.  In the blog post that announced the smartwatch, Google says that the Moto 360 is a lot more than a voice search on your wrist but a device that comes with contextual updates, brings preemptive search feature and a great subtle notifications and alerts interface to access messaging, phone and other features in other Android devices.

Perhaps the best thing about the device is the Android Wear system that will let developers create application extensions for their android applications for the smartwatch.  Although nothing much about the device has actually be revealed, this looks like a wonderful project that will bring excitement to those who follow anything Android closely.  We would still like to know more capabilities of the Android wear and more importantly, the hardware features of the Moto 360.  Unfortunately, we will have to wait longer.

What do you think of the precision manufacturing and leather materials that define the Moto 360?

Source: Motorola


4 Replies to “Meet Moto 360. Motorola’s Android Smartwatch”

  1. This just looks beautiful, compared to any other smartwatch in the market. I’m getting this one for sure.

  2. Looks pretty stylish, however, I just don’t see a reason to have a smartwatch. It does all the things our smartphones can do!

  3. What is up with all these smart watches? It seems like last month there were none and now all of a sudden every electronics manufacturer is releasing one. I just don’t see the practicality of owning one yet.

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