MediaTek’s Pump Express Fast-Charging Technology Reduces Charging Time By 50%

No matter how advanced and powerful a mobile device is, it’s only good if it has power to use. Once the battery gets drained then it becomes useless. MediaTek, one of the world’s leading mobile chip manufacturers, has come up with s new technology that will reduces the charging time of a smartphone or tablet by as much as 50% which effectively makes it ready to use in a shorter period of time.

Pump Express is the latest charging technology of the company that is meant to be incorporated into a device’s power management integrated circuit (PMIC) and corresponding DC wall charger. This technology first determines the initial voltage that is needed to recharge the battery. It will then gradually increase this voltage to up to 5 volts to maximize the charging current while still keeping the battery within its thermal limits.

Pump Express technology is available in two forms to allow it to work with different battery capacities. The first is Pump Express which is designed for DC wall chargers with a power output of less than 10 watts (5V). The second is Pump Express Plus which is designed for chargers with a power output of 12 watts or more (up to 12V).

According to Jeffrey Ju, General Manager of MediaTek’s Smartphone Business Unit, “The long wait while a battery recharges has been a persistent inconvenience for smartphone and tablet users. By cutting typical recharge times by up to 50%, Pump Express means mobile devices spend less time tied to a wall socket and its cost-effective design offers manufacturers a simple and effective way to bring fast-charging technology to market.”

Highlights of Pump Express

  • Allows DC wall charger to determine the initial voltage required to recharge the battery, based on its current charge.
  • Voltage is then gradually increased to up to 5V to maximize the charging current
  • Pump Express for DC wall chargers with an output of less than 10W (5V)
  • Pump Express Plus for chargers with an output of 15W or more (up to 12V)

This technology will become available to all new MediaTek devices by the first half of 2014.

A similar technology has been available for quite some time now from Qualcomm called Quick Charge technology with Quick Charge 2.0 recently released. This reduces the amount of time needed to charge a battery by as much as 75%.

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