LifePrint Wi-Fi Photo Printer Prints Your Smartphone Photos From Anywhere

LifePrint is an app enabled photo printer that can connect to a Wi-Fi network that aims to introduce the beauty of holding printed photos to the current generation. It’s different from the other printers available in the market today in a sense that a person can print a photo taken from a smartphone remotely. What is needed is that LifePrint must be connected to a wireless network and the smartphone must be connected to either a Wi-Fi network or a 3G network.

The printer has its own accompanying app that can be installed in any Android or iOS device. This allows a person to easily print photos from anywhere in the world while the LifePrint printer is at home. It even allows a person to send photos to a friend’s printer.

Aside from printing, there’s also a social aspect to this printer as it allows people to follow and be followed.  Basically how this works is that your network of friends will be able to send your LifePrint photos that they want to share. If you are concerned that your mom or dad might be sharing you too much photos you don’t have to worry as the LifePrint app allows you to preview the photo being shared and accept it before it will be printed out.

The companion app can also be used to edit photos before they are going to be printed out. Borders, text, and filters can be added to enhance the photos further.

Other details of this printer include

  • Android Compatibility:  Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, HTC One, Google Nexus 5, Galaxy Note 2/3, and future Android devices
  • Reject unwanted photos :  Easily reject unwanted photos within the app in your ‘printer queue’ before they print. The sender will not be informed you have rejected the photo
  • Privacy:  You have the option of having your printer be private.
  • Printing Process : The print engine uses thermal processing
  • Film Capacity: Film capacity will be 10 prints
  • Additional Film:  Additional film will be available in retail stores and through our website after Kickstarter is finished. 30 prints are expected to cost around $20
  • Warranty:  One year warranty

LifePrint has recently launched a campaign over at Kickstarter to fund the completion of the LifePrint Wi-Fi photo printer. The goal is to reach $200,000 goal in 36 days with $40,201 already pledged.

If you are interested in supporting this campaign then a pledge of $99 will get you a LifePrint printer with 10 pieces of film.

via kickstarter

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