LG teases the G Watch in a new teaser image

LG G Watch

The LG G Watch was announced shortly after Google made the Android Wear OS public. However, most of the attention was taken by the Moto 360 smartwatch and with good reason. However, LG doesn’t want people to forget that it has its own device in the making and has posted yet another teaser for the smartwatch through its Twitter page.

There isn’t much to go with apart from this image and the standard “coming soon” tag, but we expect to hear more in the next few weeks. The LG G Watch might actually attract buyers around the world as the Moto 360 has been rumored to be available only in a handful of regions. But with LG’s wide exposure in the market, we expect the smartwatch to launch in a wide range of countries by mid-2014.

Fashion giant Fossil has also expressed interested in launching a smartwatch based on this OS, but hasn’t quite spilled the beans on when that will happen. Google’s other partners include HTC, ASUS and Samsung, so we might get to see quite a few Android Wear based smartwatches this year.

Source: @LGUK – Twitter

Via: Android Community

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  1. This looks decent enough. It would be good if the final product is that small, and thin. The Moto 360 is just awesome.

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