LG removes the absurd G Flex commercial from YouTube

G Flex Talking Hand

The LG G Flex commercial is still fresh in our minds for reaching new levels of weird and absurd at the same time. However, LG seems to have acknowledged that and has now removed the commercial from YouTube. This is pretty much everything the Korean manufacturer could do, given that the bulk of the damage was already done in the hours preceding the deletion of that video. What was even worse about the commercial was that it barely spoke about the smartphone with a majority of the attention diverted towards the talking hand and the year (both were wrongly placed, by the way).

So you will no longer find the horrible commercial on LG’s YouTube channel. However, given the nature of the internet, some users were quick enough to republish the video on their personal accounts, so this is something LG cannot hide from anymore. If you haven’t seen the video yet, have a look now.

Via: Cult of Android

2 Replies to “LG removes the absurd G Flex commercial from YouTube”

  1. I saw the ad this morning. Everyone at work was talking about this. The kissing the palm part in the commercial was really creepy, disgusting, and disappointing in a way. Good that LG decided to take it down.

  2. LG realized that the commercial was very horrible. The company ridiculed itself by airing the ad, that too on YouTube, for the whole world to watch. Whatever happened to the person or the agency behind the concept.

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