LG G3 could be water and dust resistant: Rumor


Rumors regarding the upcoming LG flagship are floating around the internet in abundance, but here’s the latest and perhaps most interesting of them all. In a bid to remain competitive, it is claimed that the LG G3 could feature water and dust resistance (possibly IP67) right out of the box, much like the Sony Xperia Z2 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. The rumor generates from reliable Korean source, ET News¬†which further claims that the smartphone will also feature other flagship grade features such as the QHD 2K resolution display and the octa-core LG Odin chipset.

Past rumors have claimed that the LG G3 will launch in May, although subsequent reports pushed that date to June. In any case, the latest LG flagship should be here by mid-2014, which is about 9 months since the G2 was launched. So LG is clearly deciding to speed up its refresh cycle, much like Sony which has decided to go with a biannual refresh cycle for its smartphones to remain competitive in the market.

Source: ET News – Translated

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8 Replies to “LG G3 could be water and dust resistant: Rumor”

  1. Yes, so again, Google Play Edition of these phones would be really great, and more than enough.

  2. It’s about time LG! THe G3 looks wicked! Being water and dust resistant further ups the ante.
    will Samsung follow suit by making their flagship water and dust resistant too?
    Let’s see how this pans out.

  3. Good to see LG coming up with the nice phone. Their Nexus collaboration with Google has definitely been fruitful.

  4. I agree. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see an LG smartphone is that this thing needs a custom ROM in there. The company is going the Samsung way when it comes to the software part.

  5. Nice. I would love to upgrade my G2 to G3. The G2 is an awesome phone. But I’ve always felt the need to switch to a custom ROM. I hope the G3 will not give out that vibe.

  6. LG makes really good phones, especially the G Pro and the G2. Now the G Pro 2 is an awesome phone. I only wish they concentrate more on their software as well.

  7. This would surely give Samsung a run for its money if it comes true. But until then I would remain a loyal Samsung fan.
    I haven’t experienced using a good LG phone yet but when this comes out, I may give it a try.

  8. A new flagship only in 9 months! That’s good. And eight cores with an IP67 is just awesome. Watch out Samsung. your Galaxy S5 will soon have a worthy competitor.

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