LG to bring Knock Code feature to LG G2 and G2 Flex

LG to bring Knock Code feature to LG G2 and G2 Flex

The LG G2 debuted LG’s KnockOn feature, which allowed users to double tap on the screen to wake or lock the device. KnockOn evolved into Knock Code with the recently launched LG G Pro 2, a feature that allows users to tap on the screen in customized patterns for a more secured way of locking/unlocking a device, and now, Knock Code will be making its way to both the LG G2 and G Flex with a software update. 

Knock Code works on the basis of dividing the screen into four quadrants. Users can tap anywhere from two to eight times on these quadrants in a specific sequence, which unlocks and wakes the device simultaneously. According to LG, more than 80,000 combinations are possible, making Knock Code one of the most secure ways a manufacturer has devised to let users secure their devices, especially since the knocks are done when the screen is off.

Knock Code is also present on upcoming LG mid-rangers like the G2 Mini, F90, F70, L70 and L40 – since the G2 has already been updated to Android 4.4 KitKat, LG will likely roll out a separate update to add Knock Code to existing devices. We’ll be sure to let you know when the update is made available, though knowing LG, don’t count on getting the update any time soon.

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  1. This is the first I’m hearing of this feature, but I love it! I know my phone needs to go to “sleep” whenever I’m not using it in order to reserve the battery but it’s so frustrating having to constantly “power” it back on via the power button. I love the idea of a simple double tap on the screen to wake it up.

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