LG Announces Smart Lamp, Can Connect To Android Devices

When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879 he envisioned a world that would be properly lit even during night time. Little did he know that 135 years later his invention has been modified and can be controlled remotely using an Android device running on version 4.3 or higher and iOS devices running on at least iOS 6.0.

South Korean company LG has announced its first smart bulb called the LG Smart Lamp which is an improvement over existing light bulbs. Aside from providing light it can be controlled using a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. A companion app on the device allows users to control several aspects of the bulb such as dimming or turning it on and off. There are also several modes preset such as Security Mode and Play Mode. Security Mode allows users to set the bulb to turn on and off at a specified time even when they are not around. In Play Mode the bulb will adjust its brightness automatically to the beat of the music being played. If the music is upbeat then expect the bulb to flash at a fast rate recreating a party atmosphere. Unfortunately for iOS users the Play Mode is available only for Android devices as of the moment.

The Smart Lamp can also notify consumers whenever a call is being received by the connected smartphone. This comes in handy when the phone is placed inside a bag where it is out of sight. Once a call is being detected the bulb will blink letting the consumer know that there is an incoming call.

LG said that the Smart Lamp is 80 percent more energy efficient than the standard incandescent bulbs. This is because it uses LED technology which allows it to provide more Lumens at low power requirements. It is also expected to last for 10 years with 5 hours of usage every day. It is currently priced at 35,000 won or roughly $35 and is available in South Korea. There is still no information when this bulb will become available in the international market.

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